War of the Realms Variants Give the Marvel Universe an Asgardian Makeover

Soon, the Marvel Universe will face the War of the RealmsTo celebrate the upcoming event, which begins in April, Marvel Comics will release 21 variant covers that reimagine some iconic Marvel heroes in their finest Asgardian getups.

Look for Marvel’s Asgardian variants on these select titles this April:

  2. AVENGERS #18 by Paolo Rivera
  3. BLACK PANTHER #11 by Rahzzah
  4. CAPTAIN AMERICA #10 by Dave Johnson
  5. CAPTAIN MARVEL #4 by Gerald Parel
  6. CHAMPIONS #4 by Khoi Pham
  7. CONAN THE BARBARIAN #5 by Butch Guice
  8. DEADPOOL #11 by David Nakayama
  9. DOCTOR STRANGE #13 by Declan Shalvey
  10. FANTASTIC FOUR #9 by Terry Dodson
  11. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #4 by Tom Raney
  12. IMMORTAL HULK #16 by Mike McKone
  13. SPIDER-GWEN: GHOST SPIDER #7 by Jorge Molina
  14. SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #5 by Carlos Pacheco
  15. THOR #12 by Olivier Coipel
  16. TONY STARK: IRON MAN #11 by Pasqual Ferry
  17. UNCANNY X-MEN #15 by Patrick Zircher
  18. UNCANNY X-MEN #16 by Will Sliney
  19. VENOM #13 by Inhyuk Lee
  20. X-23 #11 by Siya Oum
  21. X-FORCE #6 by Riccardo Federici

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The War of the Realms event hails from Jason Aaron, Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson and promises a battle unlike any the Marvel heroes have ever faced. When forces led by the infamous Malekith the Accursed set their sights on Midgard, the last remaining Realm not under their control, Thor and his allies face insurmountable odds as they fight to defend their world, culminating the story writer Jason Aaron has been building since he began his Thor run in 2013.

The event kicks off in April, with six issues spanning a total of three months. Marvel has teased that its scope will rival that of the universe-altering Secret Wars.

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