War of the Realms: The Warriors Three Recruit a Fan-Favorite Mutant

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for War of the Realms #5 by Jason Aaron, Russell Dauterman, Matthew Wilson and Joe Sabino, in stores now.

In War of the Realms #5, it's finally time to fight back.

With Malekith's Black Bifrost destroyed, his armies are stuck on Earth with no chance of reinforcements. The latest issue in the epic event finally sees Earth's Mightiest Heroes form alliances with all manner of mystical creatures from across the Ten Realms to push back against the might of the Dark Elves, the Frost Giants, the Angels of Heven and so many more enemies.

The Punisher leads a battalion of Light Elves, Spider-Man has his own army of giant spiders from Hel and Asgardian goddesses fight alongside Wakanda's Dora Milaje. But that's just the start. The issue features plenty of fun and inspired team-ups, one of which actually begs to live on past the conclusion of War of the Realms.

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In this latest chapter, Asgard's own Warriors Three recruit a new member to their ranks: the X-Men's Wolverine.

The Warriors Three have been short one warrior for some time now. Recently, Volstagg had a brief stint as the War Thor. With a new hammer and fueled by rage, the Asgardian went into battle against the fearsome Mangog and was brutally beaten. Since then, he has been recuperating, leaving his fellow companions Fandral and Hogun as a duo missing a third pillar.

War of the Realms 5 Warriors Three Wolverine

Thankfully, the two Asgardians find a replacement in Wolverine in War of the Realms #5. We don't find out the exact circumstances that lead Logan to join ranks with the duo -- instead, we already find all three of them in the thick of the action. The trio can briefly be seen slicing through an army of the Queen of Cinders' fiery subjects. As scorching enemies fall, Hogun boldly welcomes Logan onboard: "Welcome to the Warriors Three, sir Wolverine!"

What's more, perhaps this new iteration of the Warriors Three could prove to live on. In fact, as Fandral looks on at Wolverine's murderous abilities, he asks Hogun if they can keep him. Of course, it's meant as a joke, as one would make of a pet, but it shows that Wolverine has earned a place among the Asgardians. Even the narration accompanying this panel says that this is the birth of a new legend.

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This new iteration of the Warriors Three may only be featured in the book for a single panel, but it's one filled with promise. Fandral's willingness to continue this team-up along with the legendary status accompanying this new roster could point to the alliance living beyond the pages of War of the Realms.

Could a future miniseries explore the exploits of this new version of the Asgardian trio? Or perhaps Hogun and Fandral could call upon sir Wolverine at a later point in time in another series? Either way, War of the Realms #5 has just given us a new favorite trio, and we sure hope that they get a spinoff of their own.

Over the years, Wolverine is a character who's been part of many teams. He's been an X-Men, an Avenger, a member of X-Force, the New Fantastic Four, Alpha Flight and many more. Now, we can also add honorary Warriors Three to the ever-growing list.

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