Captain America Wields a Familiar Weapon in War of the Realms Tie-In Comic

The War of the Realms is poised to take over the Marvel Universe. With Malekith bringing armies from across the cosmos in an attempt to conquer the Earth, the various heroes of the universe will be forced to band together to combat the invading armies. Three new Strikeforce tie-ins hint at the kind of alliances that will have to come together, with Captain America ditching his iconic shield for another familiar Asgardian weapon.

War of the Realms Strikeforce: The Land of Giants #1, written by Tom Taylor and with art by Jorge Molina, follows Captain America leading a team into the frozen home of the Ice Giants that includes Spider-Man, Wolverine, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, as they try to save the captured Thor. Captain America is even wielding Jarnbjorn, the ax Thor took up while Jane Foster was serving as the God of Thunder.

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War of the Realms Strikeforce: The Dark Elf Realm #1 by writer Bryan Hill and artist Leinil Francis Yu will center around Lady Freyja leading She-Hulk, the Punisher, Blade and Ghost Rider on a mission to destroy the Black Bifrost to prevent Malekith from accessing its teleportation powers.

War of the Realms Strikeforce: The War Avengers #1, written by Dennis "Hopeless" Hallum and illustrated by Kim Jacinto, focuses on Carol Danvers trying to reclaim the Earth alongside a crew of heavy hitters like Weapon H, Captain Britain, Venom and Deadpool. The team will also include two of the best spies on the planet, the Winter Soldier and the Black Widow.

All three War of the Realms Strikeforce one-shots are scheduled to be released in May from Marvel Comics.

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