EXCLUSIVE: War of the Realms Brings Out Captain America's Inner Thor

The War of the Realms has officially come to Midgard, leaving much of New York City in flames. While the heroes of the Marvel Universe are fighting back against the steadily encroaching tide of fantasy monsters, they can't help but wonder where Thor, the god of thunder, has run off to. This has led to some heroes getting creative, with Captain America taking a page from the Asgardian god's playbook.

A preview for War of the Realms #2 provides several fun character moments, including Jane Foster hearing the familiar call of heroism and the Punisher and Wolverine teaming up for the first time since the latter's resurrection. But the one that stands out is Captain America taking down an Frost Giant with the same kind of bravado as Thor.

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Thor has a simple system in place when it comes to taking out foes much larger than himself: Fly up to their big, giant ugly faces and hit them with his hammer. Sadly, Steve Rogers cannot fly. But he can climb 20 floors, helping to evacuate civilians along the way has he goes, and then launch himself into the face of a Frost Giant, knocking it out cold before he lands on a car below.

His next move? To ask where he can find the next one.

War of the Realms #2 goes on sale April 17. Jason Aaron writes the issue. Russell Dauterman provides art. Arthur Adams illustrates the cover.

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