War of the Realms Debuts a New, and Unexpected, Iron Man

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for War of the Realms #4 by Jason Aaron, Russell Dauterman, Matthew Wilson and Joe Sabino, in stores now.

Three issue in, and the War of the Realms is raging across the Marvel Universe. Malekith and his forces have taken over the Earth, dividing its continents into hellscapes controlled by the most vile creatures from across the ten realms. Facing overwhelming odds, the superheroes had no choice but to fall back and regroup, and in War of the Realms #4, the tide finally begins to turn as the heroes start to fight back.

And it's all made possible thanks to Odin, the mighty All-Father, who arrives on the scene wearing his very own Iron Man suit.

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War of the Realms began with a bit of a shock, as Malekith dispatched Dark Elves assassins to kill Odin before his opening attack on Midgard. Odin suffered many wounds that would have put down nearly anyone else, but the All-Father proved too "Bor-damned" stubborn to be put down. Reeling from his wounds, he joined the fight to save Earth alongside the Valkyrie, only to eventually retreat to Avengers Mountain with the rest of the heroes.

Now, a weakened Odin wishes to join the fight once more, and with good reason: His wife Freya is on a suicide mission in the Dark Elf homeworld Svartalfheim, holding the fort by preventing Malekith's forces from accessing their main mean of transportation through the realms, the Black Bifrost. Although their relationship is tenuous at best, Odin wishes to rush to her side and save her from a grim fate at the hands of the Dark Elves.

However, Odin isn't exactly in fighting shape.

War of the Realms Iron All-Father Odin suit

Thankfully, Tony Stark, Shuri and the dwarf Screwbeard have been hard at work creating a gift for the Asgardian hero. It's a suit based on Stark's design, molded by Screwbeard and laced with pure Vibranium by Shuri.

It's called the Iron All-Father, and it's absolutely epic. Asgard's emblem shines on its chest, while its helmet (which features only one eye) echoes back to Odin's classic horns. Like all Iron Man suits, it includes the ability to fly, as well as shoot energy blasts from its palms. With it, Odin arrives at Freyja's side as a one-man cavalry, mowing down the Dark Elves that stand in his path.

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However, the sheer number of Malekith's enforcers is simply too great, and the All-Mother and Father have no choice but to sacrifice themselves to destroy the Black Bridge. The devastating explosion sends a ripple effect that not only damages Malekith's army but locks them down on Earth. Thanks to Odin's arrival, the mission is a success, and the Avengers now have a chance to fight back. But it came at great cost.

We may not see what becomes of Odin and Freya after the explosion, but the narration makes it clear that they will not be together again. The only question remains, did the two of them perish in that explosion? Or was the Vibranium-covered Iron All-Father suit powerful enough to save Odin from death once again, even if he was unable to save his wife?

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