War of the Realms: Greg Pak Reveals Marvel's Newest Superhero

agents of atlas war of the realms

In a few months, the Marvel Universe is going to war.In the upcoming crossover War of the Realms, Malekith the Accursed and his army of Dark Elves, Frost Giants and Fire Goblins, have invaded nine of the Ten Realms. Earth's heroes must prevent the invading forces from taking over Midgard, the last remaining realm, and the effects of that conflict will be felt in numerous tie-ins set across the Marvel Universe.

In one of those titles, Greg Pak and Gang-Hyuk Lim are reviving the fan-favorite Agents of Atlas team in War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas #1, which will see S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Jimmy Woo assembling a new team of Agents to defend Asia from evil Dark Elves. In addition to familiar heroes like Shang Chi and Amadeus Cho, the Totally Awesome Hulk, the series will also introduce a few new heroes like the Filipino hero Wave, who Pak revealed on Twitter.

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Wave was designed by Greg Pak and Filipino comic book artist Leinil Francis Yu. Given her name and the large octopus creature behind her in Yu's illustration, it seems like she'll probably have some king water-based powers.

The weapons she is holding in her hands might be kampilans, a type of single-edged long sword that originated in Philippine archipelago. The material that makes up her weapons is also present on her back, which could imply that her powers have a technological component to them.

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While it's not clear when or how Wave will be called into action, War of the Realms affect over a dozen diverse titles ranging from Venom to Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur to Uncanny X-Men.

This would not be Marvel's first introduction of Filipino superheroes either. The Triumph Division, a superheroes based in the Philippines, made their debut in the pages of Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca's Invincible Iron Man #2 in August 2008. Unfortunately, the team met an early demise due to bombers who used black market Stark Technology to detonate themselves. It's unclear if Wave has any relationship with that group or if the Triumph Division may return in a similar fashion to Agents of Atlas.

War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas #1 is written by Greg Pak and illustrated by Gang-Hyuk Lim. It is scheduled to go on sale this May from Marvel Comics.

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