War of the Realms Gives Venom an Historical Makeover

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Venom #14 by Cullen Bunn, Iban Coello, Andres Mossa and Clayton Cowles, in stores now.

In the last issue of Venom, Eddie Brock didn't let the fact that he was separated from his symbiote stop him from taking up arms in the War of the Realms. As innocent people died around him, Eddie accepted a dangerous gift from one of Malekith's War Witches: a Dreamstone, capable of making any type of weapon a reality.

Finding himself without his other, Eddie used the stone to fashion himself a new symbiote. The result was a bigger, leaner, meaner Venom with a magical Asgardian upgrade. With this new weapon, Eddie joined the fight against the Dark Elves. However, in the latest issue of Venom, Eddie finds himself under attack by an unlikely villain -- and the confrontation gives him a different kind of makeover.

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Venom #14 features a rematch of sorts. After briefly clashing back in the series' first issue, the new Jack O'Lantern returns with a power upgrade of his own. Yes, the flaming supervillain was also given a Dreamstone, and he uses it to give himself a power upgrade. Now he's after Eddie and looking to even the score.

The fight between Brock and Jack O'Lantern reveals that, even though Eddie could have created any type of weapon with limitless power, he gave his new symbiote the same limitations and weaknesses as the real Venom -- mainly, its weakness to fire. And, of course, Eddie's enemy uses that to his advantage. He unleashes flaming attacks on Venom, to the point that the Dreamstone suit takes heavy damage.

But then, the magic of stone starts working differently to protect Eddie.


It learns and adapts, changing into something else entirely -- an Asgardian suit of armor.

Suddenly, Eddie isn't wearing a living suit anymore, but a Viking-inspired armor set that would strike fear in the heart of any Dark Elf. The Venom logo is still there on his chest, stretching down into a cloth-like skirt.

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His body is completely armored, and his helmet, adorned with menacing ram horns, harkens back to Venom's white eyes. He even appears to have long, flowing hair that would make him a rival of any warrior devoted to Odin. The glowing blue enchantments are still there, not only to remind us of the magic at work here, but also to add a mystical flair to the armor.

The issue ends before we can see this new armor properly in action, but we have no doubt that it will pack a few more surprises. After all, what's a Viking without a weapon to swing around?

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