Wolverine, Punisher Step Up on Art Adams' War of the Realms #2 Cover

In War of the Realms #2, the Ten Realms have almost fallen to the Dark Elf Malekith, and now the villain's armies have come to claim the last realm: Midgard, also known as Earth. With Thor trapped in Jottenheim, home of the Frost Giants, other Marvel heroes will step up to protect their home from this massive, mystical threat.

Editor Will Moss explained in a press release that, while Malekith’s invasion began in Manhattan, the longtime Thor adversary doesn’t just want Earth, but wants to claim dominion over the entire universe.

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“The heroes will have a hard enough time just defending New York from Malekith’s forces -- but when they realize the full scope of his attack in April’s War of the Realms #2, they’ll have to make some daring and surprising moves in order to stop Malekith and his army of Frost Giants, Fire Goblins, Trolls and more from taking over the entire planet," said Moss. "And as with any war, this world at war will have some casualties…”

In the cover for War of Realms #2, drawn by artist Arthur Adams, you can see Wolverine, the Punisher, Doctor Strange and the Asgardian hero Valkyrie, the latter with her sword raised and winged horse Aragorn rearing. The bodies of unconscious or dead Frost Giants, Dark Elves, and Trolls from Malekith’s army lay at their feet as Frank and Logan remain standing, bloodied but still ready to fight.

In Thor's absence, the Asgardian Valkyrie Brunnhilde is ready not only to represent Asgard, but also fight alongside her Midgard allies with Aragorn and her enchanted sword Dragonfang. While the city behind them is full of smoke and dark colors, giving the impression of unseen fire and destruction, Doctor Strange obstructs the view with a conjured portal.

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It would appear the heroes are evacuating civilians temporarily from the city to a remote location to protect them from becoming casualties of this impending invasion. Considering the consistency of such world-ending events, you would think the regular people of the Marvel Universe would be used to such occurrences by now.

This April, the hounds of war come to Midgard as the award-winning creative team of Jason Aaron, Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson usher in an event of massive, mystical scale.


  • Written by JASON AARON
  • On Sale 4/17/19

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