War of the Realms #5: Last Page Will Make Thor Fans Very Happy, Says Editor

War of the Realms has not been easy for Thor, the Asgardian god of thunder. He lost his home, his hammer and, for a time, his freedom, as he was stranded in Svartalfheim, land of the Frost Giants, condemned to fight the giant blue beasts endlessly.

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Now, Thor is back, though he’s only just begun to ready himself for the final battle with Malekith. Series editor Wil Moss promises that Thor fans will be pleasantly surprised by the final page of War of the Realms #5.

“I'll just say this: I think the last page of War of the Realms #5 is going to put a big smile on the faces of a lot of Thor fans -- just in time for Jason, Russell and Matt to melt those faces off with the craziest final battle you've ever seen in War of the Realms #6,” said Moss in an interview with Newsarama.

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War of the Realms #5 released just today, so we won’t spoil it for you. But the page does reveal that a fan-favorite marvel character will again be taking up the superhero mantle, seemingly just in time to aid Thor for the grand finale and what certainly sounds like an epic showdown with Malekith’s bloodthirsty legion of fantastical beasts.

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