Comic Legends: Was War Machine's Armor Based on a 'What If..?' Story?

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War Machine's armor was based on an armor worn by the Punisher in a What If...? issue.



Recently, I did a Comic Book Legends Revealed about whether Len Kaminski was inspired to come up with the idea for Iron Man's "War Machine" armor based on a rejected pitch by Dwayne McDuffie for an Iron Man/Punisher miniseries where the Punisher would have stolen Iron Man's armor and painted it white and black and added a skull to it.

The answer to that was, "No," but then a few different readers wrote in to ask about whether another comic book could have been an influence.

In 1991, George Caragonne, Ron Wilson and Ralph Cabrera wrote a nice two-part story in What If..? #28 and #29. The first issue was about What If Captain America had led a bunch of Super-Soldiers during World War II. However, the twist is that Captain America was replaced at one point by the Red Skull who impersonated Captain America and took over the world.

The second issue in the story showed the real Captain America return. He forms the Avengers. One of the members of the team is Frank Castle, who was Iron Man in this world. His armor looks like the Punisher (or War Machine).

In any event, I asked Len about it and he quickly dismissed the idea. He felt that a simple "no" wasn't enough, so he told me more information. However, I figure I will save that for a future legends column. Suffice to say, this legend is a quick no.

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