Wanted, Watchmen, He-Man: September 4th Comic Reel Wrap


The National Ledger is reporting that actress Angelina Jolie is using a body double for her nude scenes. Why? "Everyone who's worked with her for the past few months has mentioned it," their source said. "They're going to digitally erase some of her tattoos in post-production, and I wouldn't be surprised if they also made her a bit thicker and curvier. It's hard to buy her a as a master assassin when she'd nothing but skin and bones." Aid agencies are reportedly speeding emergency shipments of red beans and rice to the set now.


Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan is quoted at Superheroflix.com talking about getting ready to be the Comedian. "They have us all up here in Vancouver on a very regimented diet and workout program," Morgan said. "We're all in training right now." About the actual movie, he claimed, "We're all being kept in the dark about what is actually going on with the production. Everybody is asking me about, and I don't know much myself. They are pretty much keeping me in the dark as well."


There's some wild rumormongering going on over at IESB. Their Robert Sanchez wrote, "I was told the current idea is to make Eternia here on Earth, kind of like a modern day Middle Earth. I donÕt like this man and I am sure that fans of the franchise are not going to care for this either. As a matter of fact, I have been told that you are keeping a very similar template when comparing 'He-Man' to your 'Voltron' script ... I am telling you, this is destined for failure."


CBR News has new images from both the season premiere and from the Heroes World Tour -- holy lederhosen!


Getting back to the rumors, the word at Kryptonsite is that "Hercules" actor Kevin Sorbo will be on the show shortly, and suggesting that he'll super-man up for the role of Zor-El, father to the newly-found Supergirl, Kara. They also hint about the return of a threat from the past.


Some rumors are made to be debunked -- white Martians? Mel Gibson? Leo DiCaprio? Darkseid? All the work of a message board maven, apparently.

However, on the more credible side, Obsessed With Film noted that casting directors are now listed in New York City, Toronto and Vancouver and casting calls do not specify roles. Hm ...


The party's over in the Windy City, and Batman-On-Film has what could be the last set report. Kinda makes you nostalgic, don't it?


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