Wanted, The Man of Steel, Wolverine: October 22nd Comic Reel Wrap


Chicago-based rapper Common talked to Superhero Hype about going to guns in a comic book movie. "I just like to go out for good roles, anything, that's all it is really," Common said, "whether it's a comic book or true story or whatever it may be. I wanna be a part of great projects, but yeah, I'm familiar with Green Lantern because I collected (them) when I grew up." When we asked how the "Justice League" auditions went, it was obvious that he had been prepped well by his handler, because he said with a smile that he couldn't talk about it right now.


According to Variety, screenwriters Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris have opted not to come back and pen the sequel that would have reunited them with helmer Bryan Singer. The studio is accepting pitches from other writers.


The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that actor Aaron Jeffrey may be joining the Canucklehead on screen. "In recent weeks Jackman has been spotted approaching would-be stars and offering them the chance to audition for roles in the flick, which is said to be a prequel that delves deep into the early years of Jackman's hirsute Wolverine character who, by all accounts, is the sexiest mutant on the big screen," the article reads. "One such opportunity has gone to the former 'McCleod's Daughters' 'hunk' Aaron Jeffery, who has already gone through one screen test to play Jackman's brother in the film. Jackman and Jeffrey -- similarly tall, dark and handsome -- have had regular catch-ups on Bondi, where Jeffery is regularly spotted with his girlfriend, another actor with considerable success in Hollywood, Peta Wilson."


The network has released director's cut videos for the episode "Action" both on their website and on YouTube ...

Meanwhile, Kryptonsite has screen captures for the episode's promo and the official network description of the upcoming episode "Wrath."


CBR News has video previews of tonight's episode "Fight or Flight."


A PDF report from the Quebec film technicians' union stated that the sequel/reboot starts filming today and will continue until December 14 in MontrŽal. The crew includes producer Gale Ann Hurd, cinematographer Steve Gainer and production designer Andrew Neskoromny.


IESB is claiming that Josh Duhamel ("Transformers") and Bijou Phillips ("Hostel: Part 2") have both tested for unspecified roles in the George Miller-helmed team up movie.

The site also has a video interview with actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead on auditioning for Wonder Woman. "It was great. I don't know what my chances are. They're keeping pretty mum," Winstead said.


Superhero Hype has a not-so-detailed scooper report about Marvel vice chairman Peter Cuneo showing footage for an Alfred University function.


If you're keeping your eye on the viral site Why So Serious you'll notice that the candle in the image is burning a little lower each day, marking time until ... what exactly?


Comics2Film has a note talking about development of a feature film based on the noirish character, featuring actress Valerie Perez in the title role.


Another PDF report from Fuji Film this time notes that Ben Davis has joined the project as director of photography.


Never trust the wi-fi in a Monterey hotel at deadline.

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