House of Ideas: 15 Marvel And Disney Crossovers We Would Love To See

Merida Brave and Hawkeye

Individually, both Disney and Marvel have given us countless characters that are loved the world over, by children and adults alike. These characters are timeless. Some of them have been around for decades, while others are newer, yet just as popular. Disney made a bold, incredibly smart move when they purchased Marvel back in 2009 and now that they are both under the same roof, the slate of characters in each company's toy box has more than doubled.

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Today, Disney has the potential to give fans of both companies something they have all been clamoring for: fun crossovers, adventures featuring characters from both worlds. Whether it would be an animated television series or a comic book title, where each new installment features a different team-up between Marvel and Disney characters, Disney needs to start capitalizing on the unique mix these properties can bring. Join us as we take a look at 15 Disney and Marvel crossovers we would love to see on our screens or on the page.


Rocket Raccoon and Stitch

A genetically engineered alien created for the sole purpose of destruction meets a genetically modified wise-cracking animal with a penchant for unusually large weapons and destruction. What could possibly go wrong? These two characters meeting would be like mixing chemicals together that result in a disastrous reaction, one that would be both hilarious and thrilling to see unfold. Rocket from the "Guardians of the Galaxy" and Stitch have quite a few points in common, from their origins to the way their hearts were warmed by their respective families, their very own 'ohana.

One is of few words, while the other won't shut up. That alone could make any interaction between these two entertaining. Rocket has a history of dealing with a friend of few words, who is unpredictable, who is filled with child-like wonder one instant and who can be murderously angry the next. Besides, there is no doubt that Stitch would have quite a few new weapons for Rocket to try out. Together, these two would be an unstoppable force of laser-gun fights, explosions, craziness and ultimately, friendship.


Rapunzel and Spider-Man

Sure, Rapunzel may be locked in a sole tower back in medieval times and Spider-Man is free to roam the New York skyline (as seen in the "Spider-Man: Homecoming" trailers) in the modern day, but with either the intervention of a villain or some form of magic, Spider-Man could find his way climbing Rapunzel's tower easily, without even having to user her hair to climb up. Both being teenagers with a thirst for adventure, Peter Parker and Rapunzel would find that they have quite a lot in common, down to some very nifty tricks to swing around.

There would be no shortage of quips here, on either side of the crossover. Rapunzel isn't one to hold her tongue or hold back from swinging her frying pan. Surely Peter would find himself on the receiving end of it, just like Flynn Rider had, and the results would be just as funny. A furious Spider-Man tangled up in hair would be a nice reversal of situation and a quest where the two have to join forces to fight evil knights and brigands would be an absolute treat to watch.


Magneto and Maleficent

As both are misunderstood villains, there would be a lot of mileage to mine in a meeting between Magneto and Maleficent. No matter the era or the place, these two would be drawn to each other like a moth to a flame. As a fairy that saw her wings clipped by humans, Maleficent turned to the forces of darkness. For his part, Magneto saw the worst in humanity and decided that he was superior to them. Both declared themselves rulers and both reigned through terror and power.

But underneath all their villainous deeds, there is still a part of them that is good, that yearns to do what's right. This is something that is brought out in them thanks to the people around them, whether they be friends, enemies or family. Together, Magneto and Maleficent would bond over their shared disdain for humanity. They could just as easily wreak havoc -- from stripping knights of their metal armors and weapons to screeching fire down upon them-- as take the time to try and bring out the best (and worst) in each other.


Vision and Wreck-it Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph and the Vision were both created to be villains, to destroy. Ralph got tired of losing to Fix-It Felix and decided that he could be a hero. Similarly, the Vision went against his initial programming and saw the beauty in humanity. Unlike his creator, Ultron, he wished not to destroy humans, but to protect them. To go against their literal programming is something that both of these characters share and it's something that could lead to a fascinating crossover.

As an android, the Vision has the power to connect to the Internet, to look inside it and access it all. Through that process, we could easily see him connect online and find Ralph's video game world, where he could create a digital avatar of himself to interact with his new friend. Together, they could visit countless game worlds where they would have to fight side-by-side to emerge victorious. And through it all, they could both help each other become even better heroes.


Lockjaw and Judy Hopps

A member of the royal family of Inhumans, Lockjaw is indispensable to his masters thanks to his loyalty and his very useful powers of teleportation that can easily take them to the moon and back. His power is so strong in fact, that it can be used to travel into other dimensions. With that in mind, it would be very feasible to see him travel, on the hunt for an Inhuman enemy, to a dimension where animals have evolved beyond humans, where both prey and predators live in harmony in the city of Zootopia.

There, he would meet up with police officer Judy Hopps, a take-action, no-nonsense bunny with a strong moral compass. Through happenstance, Judy could also be on the hunt for the same criminal and both her and Lockjaw would have to team-up to find their suspect. A buddy cop adventure between a giant bulldog and a little rabbit, this crossover would be filled with mystery, action and a burgeoning friendship between two very unlikely partners, one who hails from royalty and the other, the carrot farm.


Scarlet Witch and Elsa

Queen Elsa, who possesses the power to generate and control ice, was seemingly born with these magical powers. The exact origins of her powers are unclear, but they could easily be compared to that of mutants in the Marvel Universe. One of those mutants, Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch, was also born with great gifts, gifts that are seen by some as magic. These young women both have a very powerful force inside of them, one that they both fear.

These powers that they possess can as easily help as do harm, and it can be quite easy for them to be overcome by their abilities. Both Elsa and Wanda are prone to losing control of their powers, to disastrous effects. While they each have a sibling they can turn to for help and comfort, these two could also find a kindred spirit in each other, someone who understands them like no other. Together, they could share their fears, find strength and hope in each other and team-up against a magical villain in a bright and swirling display of blue and red powers.


Merida Brave and Hawkeye

Bow and arrows. And a killer aim. This is a crossover that would be pretty self-explanatory. Two expert archers, but from two very different walks of life. As a strong and independent princess, Merida had to go through immense trials to learn the values of family. And while there isn't much known about the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Hawkeye, we do know that he has a very loving family back home, one he works very hard to protect and keep secret. All in all, Clint knows the true value of his family.

Both immensely skilled marksman and markswoman, Hawkeye and Merida would trade knowledge and skills and even teach one another a few new tricks. But more than that, Clint could come to Merida as a big brother figure who would impart words of wisdom to her, teaching her more about what it means to fight for her family. And finally, a meeting between the two would never be complete without a tried and true contest to determine who the better archer really is.


Deadpool and Jack Skellington

Singing, dancing, skeletons and death. This is a crossover that not only no one realized they wanted, but also one that would set Hot Topic stores aflame. A true goldmine of gruesome comedy and heart, it would not be hard to imagine Deadpool somehow finding his way to Halloween Town and the realm of the dead. Wade Wilson has always had an infatuation for the personification of Death in the Marvel Universe and here, he would find a very different type of overlord in the form of the Pumpkin King.

Deadpool would find no shortage of things to point out there, whether to the residents of the strange town, to himself or to the readers. He wouldn't hesitate to spring out into song any chance he got -- while consciously wondering where the music is coming from -- and he might even take a liking to Sally. Jack, in his endless wisdom, would teach Wade a thing or two about life, death and everything in-between before the two of them team-up to take down Oogie Boogie once and for all.


Ant-Man and Flik

He's a bit of a screw-up, he's quite the engineer and no matter how hard he tries to help, he more often just ends up making things worse. No, we're not talking about Scott Lang, but Flik, the lovable main character from Disney Pixar's "A Bug's Life," a somewhat forgotten gem of a film that is just as much a classic as any other entry in Pixar's library. As an ant, Flik embarked on a journey to save his colony from some very oppressive grasshoppers.

But say his colony was under threat once more, say he ventured out into the wild again, only this time he would find not fellow insects, but an actual man the size of an ant. Scott would no doubt have a few choice words when he would hear Flik actually talk, but as a good man and a friend of the ants, he would gladly come to Flik's help and join him on his quest. This would allow us to see the Ant-Man enter a very different kind of world of insects, one filled with wonder, bright colors and circus performers.


Captain Marvel and EVE

Disney Pixar's "Wall-E" took us to a grim far future where humanity had left a trash-filled wasteland of a planet Earth behind to live aboard spaceships. Among their technology was a robot named EVE -- Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator -- a robot tasked with locating any new signs of vegetative life. EVE is also capable of flying in space and has quite the arsenal to defend herself to complete her mission. She might have been cold and devoted at first, but she also quickly learned love and compassion thanks to her friend Wall-E.

As Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers is tasked with protecting Earth from any extraterrestrial attacks. She can fly through space and generate powerful energy beams. During a space mission, Carol could easily come across EVE, in our solar system or a very distant planet. Both strong and dedicated to their separate causes, Captain Marvel and EVE could unite as a powerful and calculating duo to take on a common enemy that threatens all life, human and vegetative alike.


Aladdin and Doctor Strange

Who needs a genie when they could have an actual Sorcerer Supreme as a friend? Aladdin is no stranger to the forces of magic and how to deal with them, good or bad, so that would make him an ideal candidate to meet up with Doctor Strange. This time there would be no musical numbers however, as Stephen Strange is more of the straight-to-business type. He might be new at this, but he still isn't one to shy away from a challenge.

Both Aladdin and Stephen know the value of life and power. Each of them has tasted the rock bottom of living in alleys as well as the high life that comes with an embarrassment of riches. And besides, both of these men have a trusty companion in the form of a sentient cloth, one in the form of a flying carpet and the other in the Cloak of Levitation. One can just imagine how funny it would be to see these two cloths at each other's throats (or rather, threads) and Aladdin and Stephen struggling to keep them apart and forcing them to apologize and make peace.


Thor and Moana

As a nigh-immortal demi-god, Thor is thousands of years old. We even heard a mention of trips he took to Earth long ago, when he was worshiped as a god in his first movie. Could one of these trips have taken him to the Pacific Ocean, straight in the path of a very strong, adventurous and dedicated master wayfinder with the very ocean as her friend? In Thor, Moana would find a new ally, one who doesn't have a magical fish hook for a weapon, but rather a hammer that can summon lightning.

He may be no shapeshifter like Maui, but Thor is still the God of Thunder. From what we have seen in Disney's "Moana," there is no shortage of devilish monsters and creatures in the ocean, many of which could pose a threat to this adventure. As we all know, water and lighting are a dangerous combination and that would spell trouble for who or whatever is standing in these two's way. Capes and oars, hammers and sails. The very makings of a daring adventure at sea. You're welcome.


Iron Fist and Mulan

As viewers have come to learn in the "Iron First" series on Netflix, the Iron Fist is a power and mantle passed on from generation to generation, dating back hundreds of years. While Mulan and Danny Rand's worlds and lives might be separated by hundreds of years and many dynasties, would it be so hard to imagine that a version of the Iron Fist was alive and present during Mulan's time? The gates to K'un-Lun could have been opened and the Iron Fist could find that he had no choice but to help Mulan fight for freedom.

As a legendary warrior, the Iron Fist could be a great asset to Mulan, one who could teach her a lot about fighting and meditation techniques. Together, they could honor their ancestors and teachers. They could become an unstoppable fighting force, man and woman, warrior and dragon. And together, they could become the source of legends for the stories of the Iron Fist, stories that Danny Rand could uncover in his readings in the present day.


Big Hero 6 and The Avengers

Baymax... Smash? "Big Hero 6" took the world by storm by instantly becoming Disney's leading team of young superheroes. With a trusty robot sidekick to do most of the heavy lifting, this is a team whose powers are solely based on technology. These characters are just starting out on their paths as superheroes, relying on their tech to help make the world a better place. But what they lack in expertise, they more then make up for with passion, dedication and heart.

A team-up with the Avengers could lead to many interactions that we would love to see between various team members. But even more than that, it could lead to the Avengers taking the young heroes under their wing, showing them the ropes and teaching them how to become better heroes. Reciprocally, the Big Hero 6 team could also teach the Avengers a thing or two about being there for each other, about understanding what each one is going through and not letting egos get the better of them. Essentially, to be a better family.


The Incredibles and the X-Men

Before "Big Hero 6," the Disney movies had many strong heroes, some with special powers and others without, but very rarely were they superheroes, let alone a team of them. In fact, not only a team, but a true family. Pixar's "The Incredibles" gave us a family of heroes, a family with lives, jobs, homework and ups and downs. Similar to Marvel's "Fantastic Four" in a lot of ways, The Incredibles did not receive their powers through an accident but were in fact born with them, much like Marvel's mutants.

A trip to the X-Mansion could see Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack learn much from various "X-Men" teachers like Cylops, Wolverine and Kitty Pryde, like finding the limits of their powers, how to control them and even training in the Danger Room. All of that could unfold while their parents watch with Professor X and even lend a helping hand in training. And finally, the eventual team-up against a villain would not only give us an inevitable Mr. Incredible/Wolverine fastball special, but also an incredibly cool (puns intended) tag team of Frozone and Iceman high-fiving each other as they slide on their ice trails.

Which Disney and Marvel characters would you most like to see interact? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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