Wanted, Heroes, Hulk 2, Wonder Woman: April 5th Comic Reel Wrap


According to a posting on this message board, the Mark Millar adaptation will go before brand new Red One digital cameras this month in Prague.

As well, a link at their official website notes that Russian production company Bazelevs will be involved in the project, and have what could be the first bit of conceptual artwork from the film.


You can check out video previews at the network website as well as an exclusive set of rough scenes (SPOILERS) on MySpace.


According to the Ontario Media Development Corporation, ol' Jade Jaws will land in the Canadian province this June.


What does actress Morena Baccarin have to say about the scuttlebutt placing her in a pair of star-spangled panties? You'll have to check out this podcast interview at Pluggd to find out.


Mania has a quote from actress Halle Berry debunking rumors about a spin-off for her platinum-haired weather goddess. "That absolutely is not true and will never happen. Not with me anyway," said Berry.


Comic Book Movie has the official synopsis for the Guillermo del Toro-helmed sequel. The film will debut in theatres August 1, 2008.


Actress Kirsten Dunst tells Sci Fi Wire that it's not all smiles and waves for Mary Jane. "We leave the second [movie] with a lot of hope and openness for their future," Dunst said, "and we start off at that point in the film, and Mary Jane is successful on Broadway, and I think that she's putting a lot of her confidence into her work, which isn't the best place to put it. [She] has false confidence and is so happy, and you basically watch her deteriorate through the entire film. She gets beat down and beat down and beat down. It was a great journey for me, this one."

You can also check out preview features for the web-spinning sequel on Comcast's website.


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