Wanted, Ghost Rider, Smallville, 300: November 3rd Comic Reel Wrap


The official synopsis for the movie has been posted at Comingsoon.net ... and it's a bit different from the source material.


How do you find the son of the devil? The official movie blog has been updated with a video clip discussing the casting of Wes Bentley as Blackheart.


Another week, another trailer -- Devoted to Smallville has the first look at next week's episode "Rage" in Windows Media format.


Moviefone has four new wallpapers showing images from the Frank Miller adaptation.


Soundtrack.net has posted the third part of their interview with composer Hans Zimmer, who's already prepared for the sequel. "There's a whole theme that's written and on purpose not in the [first] movie," Zimmer said. "We were basically betting that this movie might work out alright and there would be another one, so we wanted the character to develop. He hasn't earned that theme yet!"


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