Wanted, Batman Begins, Iron Man, Teen Titans: March 2nd Comic Reel Wrap


With two issues on the stands, Mark Millar's super villain opus "Wanted" is headed to the silver screen. The Times Online (subscription required) reports that "Wanted creator and writer Mark Millar is expecting to finalize a deal this week for a film deal based on the comic for six figures plus a share of the profits. Millar will also, reportedly, be executive producer of the film." The project is in final negotiations at Universal, and rap superstar Eminem is in talks to portray the lead, who already looks like him thanks to artist JG Jones. ""I'm really excited about the possibility of Marshall playing the lead role," Millar said in the article, "and Universal have already been in talks with his people, and also lined up one of the top five producers in Hollywood. I had three years of writing about superheroes, so last year I wanted to do something that was really bad. The plot of Wanted is ideal for a film treatment. Films about the bad guys are always far more interesting and this is the most violent and evil thing that I have ever written." Millar is interested in getting Tommy Lee Jones to portray the original Killer and Beyonce Knowles as the Fox.


Superhero Hype has the scoop from Iceland once again, reporting the following: "Filming of Batman Begins starts today near Skaftafell in Iceland. Actors Christian Bale and Liam Neeson and director Christopher Nolan arrived yesterday and are expecting to be shooting in one or two weeks. About 100 people from Warner and with them are Crew from SagaFilm, 150 to 200 people is working around 'Begin' here in Iceland. The Icelandic crew has signed a contract of confidence not to talk about the film or where it's being filmed. When filming is done here in Iceland, the crew goes to England to film there." In related Bat-news, Showbiz Ireland spotlights Cillian Murphy with photos.


Dark Horizons reports that "Tom Cruise's interest still very real although the schedule depends on when 'MI3' goes. Spielberg offered but passed although expect that calibre level director." As well, FIlmforce caught some tidbits from Wizard from writers Al Gough and Miles Millar. Millar said that for the movie, "the whole origin is completely different," claiming that the movie's Stark is "not really in touch with where his money comes from, unaware that his wealth lies from weapons, and that history comes back to haunt him. ... It's a great arc for a character to begin with, this selfish reckless playboy, that in the end becomes a hero." Millar also revealed that the armor will be different. ""Reinventing [the armor] was the biggest challenge in a way, and how, visually, that would be represented." Gough said, the armor "does have what we call Michael Crichton -esque real science to it. ... Certain factors are real and then there's obviously a leap that you have to take."


Comics Continuum has images from this Saturday's Cartoon Network debut of "Winner Take All," an episode that guest stars Wil Wheaton as Aqualad and Mike Erwin ("Hulk," "Everwood") as Speedy. The network description of the episode reads, "Robin, Cyborg and Beast Boy are transported to an alternate dimension. There, the mysterious Master of Games invites our heroes and five other superpowered teens (Aqualad, Speedy, Gizmo, Joto and Wildebeest) to participate in a friendly competition: The Tournament of Heroes. As the contest rages on, Robin becomes more and more determined to win -- while Cyborg becomes more and more worried about what happens to the losers after they disappear. Will Robin realize that winning isn't everything before he loses the only thing that matters: his friends?" Fan favorite Dwayne McDuffie wrote the episode.


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