Wanted 2, Green Lantern, Whiteout: August 28th Comic Reel


Angelina Jolie is currently reading the script. At least, according to Indiewire's Anne Thompson (via Slashfilm). "Universal Pictures needs a few good tentpoles, like 'Wanted 2.' And right now they are sitting on pins and needles waiting for word to come back from Angelina Jolie, who is reading the new 'Wanted 2' script," says Thompson. She then links back to the story from a few days ago about director Timur Bekmambetov cracking away to bring Jolie's character back from the dead. Does the mean the deal is done? Not neccesarily.

Release date: TBA


Following up on the film's financial woes, Slashfilm mentions the production was scouting locations in New Orleans and suggests that city may be the back-up plan if things in Australia cannot be resolved.

Starring Ryan Reynolds, release date: June 17th, 2011


With the film opening in two weeks, expect to hear more about this film, based on the graphic novel by Greg Rucka and Steve Lieber. First, IGN has a lengthy set visit article. Director Dominic Sena discusses how he became involved in the film, his love of John Carpenter's "The Thing," and shooting in ice. Star Kate Beckinsale discusses her character. Co-star Gabriel Macht discusses his character being changed from a woman in the novel. Even Greg Rucka appears. Meanwhile, Collider delivers some clips from the film:

Starring Tom Skerritt, release date: September 11th, 2009


Sci Fi Wire talks with screenwriters Michael Ferris and John Brancato about the film. "I think that there is a general feeling that people have through interacting by e-mail and electric personae in place of Facebook and MySpace that there's kind of a cultural dissociation from the self that you have electronically, or some virtual form, and your real self," says Ferris.

Starring Bruce Willis, release date: September 25th, 2009


Herosite.net has NBC's official description of season four.

New episodes begin: September 21st, 2009


CBR has a press release focusing on writer Stan Berkowitz. He discusses adaptiong the Jeph Loeb/Ed McGuinness story into a seventy-five minute film. "In 'Public Enemies,' the challenge was making the thematic concerns concrete because the comic author had the luxury of a narrator to talk about the themes. And when we did the screenplay, we had to show the themes in action, having things happen to illustrate those themes," says Berkowitz.

Featuring the voices of Tim Daly and Kevin Conroy, release date: September 29th, 2009


MTV News spoke with writer Holly Brix about the status of the film. According to Brix, she is just about to start writing and the story will focus on the origin of the character. "We decided to focus the movie on her. It's the transfer of power from her mother's reign as the Magdalena to hers," says Brix.

Release date: TBA


Today's set pics from the blog of director Edgar Wright reveals a bus on a bluescreen and shots completed.

Starring Michael Cera and Chris Evans, release date: 2010


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