'Wanted' #1 back to press

Official Press Release

Top Cow Productions is printing a new edition of Wanted #1 called the "Death Row" Edition. Featuring a re-designed JG Jones cover, this 2nd printing will run 32 pages with no ads, feature the entire story of Wanted #1 and include eight bonus pages of material such as character designs, omitted panels, cover layouts, and more. Wanted #1 Death Row Edition will ship to stores on January 21st, 2004, the same day that Wanted #2 will hit stands.

Regarding the new bonus material, Editor-in-Chief Jim McLauchlin states, "I've always said if you're gonna be a bear - 'be a grizzly!' Anything worth doing is worth doing large. So instead of just running the same ol' book out there, we figured we'd give real added value. There are eight pages worth of cool, DVD-extra-type material here. It was a great book to start with, and now it's a great book with a very cool look behind the curtain."

"I'm so excited over the second printing that I may need a hernia operation, 'cause I'm about to bust a gut," exclaims artist J.G. Jones. "It's nice, as the artist, to be able to show a little of the latticework and structure that goes into the making of the book. There's a lot that 'lies beneath' that readers rarely get the chance to see. Well, now here's your chance."

"We wanted to create a way where people who couldn't find a current copy of Wanted #1 could jump into the story without missing a beat," says Joel Elad, Top Cow Director of Marketing and Sales. "This way, readers can scoop up the first two issues in one shot, and enjoy the bonus material to really get into the story and get their money's worth."

Retailers can find information on how to order this new printing in an upcoming Previews Update from Diamond Comics Distributors.

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