Want a 'Dredd' Sequel? Call in Dwayne Johnson, Producer Says

Fans have been clamoring with a sequel to "Dredd" since the film's 2012 premiere, making musical pleas, signing petitions and even organizing an annual "Day of Dredd." However, despite the continued optimism of star Karl Urban, it may take a miracle for a follow-up to earn a greenlight, considering the original the original lost money.

But what kind of miracle? "Dredd" producer Adi Shankar, better known in recent weeks for that gritty "Power Rangers" fan short, breaks it down in a new video that requires a language warning.

"I get inundated with questions about what it will take to make a sequel all the fucking time," he says in a video that's NSFW, "and the problem is, the answer is very fucking complicated. It's very complicated. I'm here, right here, right now, to answer that question, and to demystify the process. The guy who dresses up like The Crow is going to give you a lesson in film finance."

And that's precisely what Shankar does over the next five minutes. Long story short: A daisy chain of international distributors would have to be convinced that "Dredd 2" would actually make money (the first film grossed $41.5 million worldwide, falling short of its production budget). That's no easy task.

"At its previous budget level, 'Dredd' lost almost every distributor money, so there are only three options, as I see it," Shankar explains. "One, lower the fucking budget. Maybe 'Dredd 2' is found-footage? I don't know. I wouldn't watch it, but maybe it's found-footage. Two, bring out a filmmaker who would really move the needle, someone like David Fincher. But that's not realistic, that's not going to happen, because major filmmakers who would move the needle -- they aren't really in the business of directing sequels to someone else's franchise. That's just now how it works. And three, a movie star. Maybe we pair Karl Urban with another movie star who boosts the value of the film. Maybe we get The Rock in and fucking save the franchise, because The Rock fucking saves everybody's franchise."

Indeed he does.

Until Dwayne Johnson or someone of his caliber signs on, it seems unlikely fans will get that "Dredd" sequel they've been hoping for. But they can still watch the Shankar-produced animated web series "Judge Dredd: Superfiend," which centers on the Dark Judges.

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