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The big selling point of the series was the art of the young up-and-comer, S. Clarke Hawbaker. He had done some independent work before this, but his detailed pencil work and strong sense of shadows set his art apart from the rest of the pack at Marvel at the time. He drew strong men, beautiful women, and evoked the works of classic artists like Neal Adams. Remember that independent work I mentioned before? It was done at Continuity, so the Adams influence is very direct.


In the Bullpen Bulletins from "Nomad" #3 (June 1992), there's a story that leaves some interesting things out. Let's start with the fun stuff:

Terry Stewart [President of Marvel] seems to be working overtime these days to get his name listed on this page. In addition to never leaving the dance floor at the Christmas Party, he also made headlines at the first ever Comic Book Auction at Sotheby's in New York! Terry had Spider-Man do his bidding for him, and wound up purchasing Bill Everett's full color mock-up artwork to MARVEL MYSTERY COMICS #2 (1939) featuring the SUB MARINER!

That's cute so far. Spider-Man did his bidding. He picked up an historical piece.

Continuing on:

The auction featured hundreds of comics and comic-related items for sale, among them the original art for X-FORCE #1, which went for $42,900, and the original art for the recent X-MEN #1, which sold for $44,000.

If I were a time traveler, I'd put the house up as collateral for a loan to go back in time and buy those two first issues. I could make a small fortune re-selling those pages today.But, wait a second! Wasn't that the weekend Image Comics formed? Wasn't that the auction weekend in December 1991 when Todd McFarlane, Rob Liefeld, and Jim Lee famously went up to Terry Stewart's office to quit?

Yes. Yes, it was. You wouldn't expect "Bullpen Bulletins" to report on that, of course, but it is a funny footnote when you read it with hindsight. That meeting with Terry Stewart turned out to be a lot more important than anything in that art auction that weekend.


  • Help a fellow art collector out: If you have any idea where this page of original art came from, please let me know. It's piqued my curiosity... So far, we've eliminated Gary Erskine and Chris Weston. I thought I saw some Mike McKone lines in there. Gary Frank's name was a possibility. Heck, when I stare at it too long, I start seeing Leonard Kirk, who doesn't have a single Wildstorm credit to his name. It's possible that it's a project that never saw the light of day, but I just don't know.
  • Check out these pics of the Marvel bullpen from 1970. Mark Evanier has some additional color commentary. What I wouldn't give to see the unpublished art he talks about there...
  • Here's a call to action for you creative types: Creating art deserves to be your life, not your side job.
  • Boulet is at it again. This time, he has a new video where he does a drawing (straight to inks!) and watercolors it, with commentary that has English captions on it. It's really about the watercolors and adding color to art, in general.
  • Here's Richard William's layout for where everyone should stand in the grand finale of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?".

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