Wall-to-wall Ware

The Ewing Gallery of Art and Architecture at the University of Tennessee has a new exhibit up entitled "MultipleXMultiple: A Survey of Contemporary Printmaking." The interesting (and comics-related) thing about this show is they're highlighting the work of Chris Ware by displaying every page from every issue of Acme Novelty Library so far on a wall. One of the student curators, Daniel Maw, has pictures of the installation on his blog, and talks about the idea behind the show over at Flog:

In order to showcase the epic nature of this comic we elected to purchase two copies, cut the bindings off each, collate the pages, and display all [390] pages in a grid on a 23 x 10 foot wall. It is quite impressive to take it all in at once as it demonstrates the tremendous amount of talent and work that went in to the creation of the book.

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