"Walking Dead's" Steven Yeun Finally Speaks About Glenn's Future

This article contains spoilers for last night's "Walking Dead" episode.

Ever since "The Walking Dead" aired the episode "Thank You" last month, fans have been anxiously waiting to learn the fate of Steven Yeun's Glenn. Weeks and episodes went by (three, in fact) with no word as to whether or not Glenn survived falling into a pit of zombies. But now, thanks to last night's episode "Heads Up," the final fate of Glenn has been revealed: he survived, by sliding under a dumpster while the walkers devoured the flesh of Nicholas.

During an appearance on "The Talking Dead," Yeun talked about the response to his apparent demise and his feelings about his return. "I feel so amazed at the response," said Yeun, as transcribed by MTV. "I think it proves that this world still can take that story of the good guy winning sometimes. I like that it's not always something miserable happening, really accepting the fact that good guys survive."

Showrunner Scott M. Gimple also appeared on the show. He revealed why they chose to let fans wonder about Glenn's fate for a month.

"The story we were telling was one of uncertainty," said Gimple, as reported by Entertainment Weekly. "When people leave the walls -- in this case of Alexandria -- they don't have cell phones. They aren't rocking '80s beepers. You don't know what happens. You have no idea. When they leave, that could be the last time you see them. And I think it was important to do a story this year about uncertainty, and the audience would share that uncertainty that the characters had, like in episode 5. Maggie didn't know what happened to Glenn, and I wanted the audience to be exactly where she was -- to feel the exact same way."

"The Walking Dead's" midseason finale airs on Sunday, November 29 on AMC.

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