'Walking Dead's' midseason premiere was so realistic, cops were called

The midseason premiere of The Waking Dead was so loud and so realistic that one Montana family drew unwanted attention -- not from walkers, but from the police.

The Great Falls Police Department responded to a 911 call Sunday evening from a neighbor who heard "screaming from a house about someone having a gun." A second caller helped the seven responding officers pinpoint the house, which they promptly surrounded, some with weapons drawn.

According to the Great falls Tribune, notes from the call indicate officers heard "loud talking" coming from inside the home, and saw "flashing lights." Police peeked inside, where they saw two adults and several children ... watching The Walking Dead. (Well, the notes refer to it as "a show about firearms," but the cops later identified it as the hit AMC drama.)

No action was taken, although one would hope officers suggested the family turn down the TV just a smidgen, for their neighbors' sake. At the very least, one of the cops should've shouted "Coral!"

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