10 Most Creative Walker Kills In The Walking Dead

For all its faults, AMC's The Walking Dead has consistently done one thing right: creative zombie deaths. For over ten seasons audiences have been treated to a wide variety of skull-smashing, brain-bashing and creative eviscerations of the undead. For all the issues in the plot, Rick and company have always killed walkers with style. With that in mind here are our picks for the ten most creative Walker kills in The Walking Dead.

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10 Daryl Goes Full Ghost-Rider

Easily one of the coolest slayings in the history of the show involved our favorite vest-wearing biker dude Daryl channeling his inner Johnny Blaze and using a giant chain to kill two approaching walkers. Daryl appears a few times on this list due to his constant ingenuity when it comes to killing zombies, but few scenes compare to the sheer awesomeness of watching him chain-whip a duo of walkers.

9 Icicle

The finale of The Walking Dead's ninth season saw a number of changes to the shows aesthetic by setting most of its action during a winter blizzard.

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So, of course, the creators had to throw in a few snow-based Walker kills, the best of which involved Daryl using a nearby icicle to skewer an undead attacker. It's a real slay ride. (Get it?)

8 Razor-Wire

While Michonne is known for her katana-wielding brand of walker kills, she has been without her signature weapon on multiple occasions and has had to improvise. One of her most creative kills came while her hands were bound by Daryl's shifty one-handed brother Merle. With zombies closing in, Michonne wraps her binding around the head of a nearby walker and pulls it against a nearby pole, decapitating it in the process. Even with her hands tied, Michonne is the most lethal lady in the Deadverse.

7 Rolling Logs

During the construction of the bridge in Season 9, walkers attack the site of construction resulting in Aaron losing his hand and a few workers losing their life. But Rick, ever the hero, swoops in and unleashes a method of killing walkers not yet seen on the show.

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Noticing a large stack of logs placed near a steep hill, Rick simply cuts the cord holding them upright and sends the logs rolling down the hill. It's a suitably gruesome sequence, with the logs crushing all walkers unfortunate enough to be in their path.

6 Flaming Lake

When walkers overran the gates of Alexandria in Season 6's "No Way Out," the residents of Alexandria were forced to band together to deal with the overwhelming threat. While the Alexandrians fought bravely, the tide of the battle turned wildly in their favor when Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham put their master plan in motion: flood the lake of Alexandria with gas and set it aflame, leading the walkers into the fire like moths to a light. It works like gangbusters, as hundreds of walkers shamble into the lake and are killed.

5 Fire Hose

Eugene has never been much of a fighter, but his ingenuity saves the day in Season 5's "Self Help." Surrounded by walkers on all sides, all hope seems lost for Abraham, Rosita, and Glenn, until Eugene swoops in with a fire hose.

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Releasing a torrent of water so powerful it literally tears the zombies to pieces, Eugene hoses away all the potential threats, looking quite proud of himself as he does. It's a triumphant moment for a character that still has a long way to go until he earns the title of "Survivor," but it's a bloody great first step.

4 Carol Hides In A Tree

Carol has long been one of the best tacticians on The Walking Dead when it comes to taking out attackers both living and dead. One of her most graceful solutions to a group of walkers was to wait in a tree with a long sharp object, and simply let the walkers shamble right into the pointy end. This one lands on the list for its simplicity and elegance.

3 Walker in the Trunk

Head trauma has long been one of the most prevalent ways of zombie slaying in the Deadverse. It seems like each season requires the makers to envision dozens of new ways for walkers to get brained.

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But easily one of the best would have to be Daryl's efficient use of a car's trunk in Season 3. The gory head smash is satisfyingly gross and Daryl once again scores points for making creative use of his environment.

2 Clothesline

Season 7 of The Walking Dead has long been considered the weakest season in the show's run, but it did still contain some moments of fist-pumping fun, the most epic of which involved Rick, Michonne, a pair of cars, some wire and a horde of walkers. While rigging trying to secure explosives from a highway the Saviors use, Rick and the company noticed an incoming horde of walkers shambling towards them. Rick and Michonne quickly attach a wire between two cars on the opposite side of the highway and drive their vehicles straight towards the herd, clotheslining the walkers with the wire and decapitating dozens at a time. It's one of the goriest and most glorious walker disposal methods in the history of the show.

1 Fireworks

Carol is easily one of the most efficient and effective killers in all of The Walking Dead, despite her humble beginnings. Easily one of her most infamously brutal excursions would have to be her method of freeing her crew from the clutches of the Terminites. Hiding in the outskirts of the community, Carol uses a rifle to blow a hole in a tanker full of flammable gas and follows this by launching a firework towards the tanker. The firework explodes, blowing up the tanker and a few dozen walkers standing close by. It's one of the most epic moments in all of The Walking Dead and a scene that firmly establishes Carol as one of the most dangerous people in the Deadverse.

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