Walking Dead Virtual Reality Game In Development


Longtime fans of The Walking Dead are often the first to say that reading the comic and watching the show has probably helped prepare them for a zombie apocalypse. Soon, they'll have the chance to prove how true that is in an interactive setting. The world of walkers is heading to virtual reality, where players will get to experience the immersive and terrifying situations they already love in comic, TV and video game form.

Skybound Entertainment has announced a partnership with Skydance Interactive to develop a VR game based on The Walking Dead. But unlike horror VR titles already on the market, the game will reflect its source material in that it will be more than taking down walkers. Players will be faced with the same complex moral decisions as those found in the storylines.

Dan Murray, Skybound President of Interactive, told IGN, "The Walking Dead, it all comes back to moral choice and what would you do as the player. That's sort of the essential principal pillar of the IP. I think that's what people [want] who either read the comic, watch the show, [or] play the games. What better way to experience that than being in the environment itself?"

This as-yet untitled game will be one of several upcoming VR games based in the world of The Walking Dead. Murray could not reveal details to the storyline or whether players can expect to see characters recognizable from the comic, the Telltale games, or either of the two TV shows. The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead now have ten seasons between them and the comic has reached 28 volumes and counting since its release in 2003. He did say the focus is on a new setting and a new cast in an "innovative contextual interaction system."

The Walking Dead VR game has no release date, and is being developed in Unreal Engine for release on various platforms, including Oculus, PSVR and HTC Vive.

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