The Walking Dead: 10 Things We’ll Never Know Now That The Comics Have Ended

Some stories are meant to be seen in a smaller point of view even though the universe they are in is enormous enough to open up hundreds of questions. The Walking Dead is one such universe, as it confirmed a global outbreak of zombies, only to show us just a small part of the United States in the entirety of its story.

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With the comic book series having come to a conclusion, it’s a shame that we will never find out the answers to the questions that nag us. While fans are invited to make their own theories and have endless discussions, there’s no doubt that we’ll have genuine curiosity over the canonical answers to these 10 things we’ll never know now that The Walking Dead has ended.

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10 Is Hershel An Antagonist?

For some reason, the final issue of the series didn’t go out in a blaze of feel-good moments, and what we saw of the formerly little Hershel wasn’t all that good. It’s strange how Hershel was set up, as he was openly antagonistic toward Carl throughout the story.

When we left him, Hershel had failed to get Carl thrown into jail for destroying his “property”—which were the walkers Hershel collected as part of his show. In his final scene, Hershel cursed Carl for riding on the goodwill of Rick while the world had forgotten about Glenn. It was quite clear Hershel intended to get his revenge later on, leaving us wondering if he really was going to be an antagonist in the future.

9 How Many Walkers Are There Now?

The reason why Hershel was so mad at Carl for killing his walkers was because zombies had become a rarity in that world. Due to humans taking back their right as the dominant species on the planet, society had pushed zombies farther into the world, to the point that it was apparently through great difficulty that Hershel had managed to snag the walkers he had.

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This leaves us with a burning question—exactly how many walkers are there anymore? It seems as if humans do still become zombies when they die, but it didn’t come across as if these deceased people were allowed to turn; rather, it would appear that nomadic people with no identities were the only walkers out there now.

8 What Happened Between Maggie And Dante?

Maggie was shown to have gone so far into her politician career (something that started at the Hilltop) that she was now the head of the entire Commonwealth. When we last saw her as a young woman, she seemed to be embarrassed that people knew about her intimate relationship with Dante.

Fast forward to Maggie now in her middle age and there was not one clue as to what became of Dante. The implication though, was that Dante wasn’t around anymore, considering Hershel mentioned he had no father. Even if they weren’t together anymore, we don’t know if Dante died or just got dumped by Maggie at some point due to her political aspirations.

7 What Was The Immediate Fallout From Rick's Death?

We only had one issue to see the consequence of Rick’s death, and that too was sped up quite a bit, leaving many questions as to what followed immediately after. We had the sight of Carl acting like Negan, mocking Rick’s killer in prison and vowing to get revenge; in the future, the man was still behind bars.

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There was clearly a lot of shake-up in the Commonwealth after Rick’s death, as Anna Milton was deposed from her position, leaving no other clear leader to succeed into power. Maggie obviously didn’t move into that position immediately, which leaves out about two decades of unclear history that we are curious about.

6 Just How Big Is The Commonwealth?

The only hint about the Commonwealth’s size was that they were now merged with another political community, with work underway to get a train running through territories to truly make them one. This shows that the Commonwealth was now enormous; they were already at a population of 50,000 two decades ago, so one can only imagine how many people might be there now.

This opens up several questions over how things work, seeing as technology still wasn’t very advanced, leaving out only assumptions as to how Maggie would conduct activities from such a great distance. The one way we could get an idea would be by finding out just how far the Commonwealth now reached.

5 When Did Negan Return?

A small twist in the story was the revelation that Negan had once more returned to civilization in the last twenty years, although he was much too embarrassed to be seen publicly and was a recluse who still mourned over Lucille.

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Although Rick had forgiven Negan, he had also banished the former Saviors leader, which would mean there had to be some commotion upon Negan's return. Unfortunately, we don’t know where he originally went and how Carl got to hold him in special regard, seeing as Carl was shown to be willing to talk to Negan and brought him supplies.

4 What Happened Between Carl And Lydia?

Lydia was too much of a weirdo for Carl to stick with her in the long-term, and we witnessed just this as Carl was now married to Sophia in the future. The way the adult Carl and Lydia interacted though, gave us some wonderings over how they ended their relationship.

Lydia was once more shown to be teasing Carl to get close to her, but he was mature enough not to fall for it. This makes us certain that Lydia was still into Carl and that it was the latter who had ended it. Though they separated amicably by the issue’s end, there was clearly an elephant in the room that hadn’t been addressed.

3 How Did Carl And Sophia Get Back Together?

The feeling is that Robert Kirkman didn’t want to spend a lot of time dealing with how these two became romantically involved again and simply jumped so far ahead that there would be no need to delve into the specifics.

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Now that Carl and Sophia had a daughter, it appeared to solidify their relationship as permanent. But we’re still curious as to what exactly happened here, since Carl and Sophia looked very far away from being together when we saw them before the timeskip.

2 What Is The Status Of The Rest Of The World?

Sure, we know that the Commonwealth is now a civilized society. We still don't know what happened to the world at large.

We don’t even know what the happenings are in the next State, throwing up hundreds of questions over the status of the planet. If nobody had contacted the Commonwealth in over two decades, then perhaps the rest of the United States had permanently fallen to the walker. There’s an entire world still out there that we have no clue about.

1 What Was The Cause Of The Outbreak?

This is the most burning question we will never have the answer to. The Walking Dead began and ended with not even one hint of the cause of the outbreak, and while we accept the point of the series was not the virus’ cause, it’s too big of a plot hole to ignore.

After all, considering that civilization was once again back at its peak, it has to mean that there was some kind of biological mishap that happened two decades earlier that caused all the chaos. It seems impossible that no group of scientists had researched the causation now that society was back in full-flow, but we’re just going to have to live with our assumptions now that the series is over.

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