NYCC: Walking Dead Teases Many More Seasons, Negan's Backstory

Any fans hoping that Robert Kirkman's new deal with Amazon Studios would mean more zombie dramas may be disappointed. During a press conference Saturday at New York Comic Con, the writer affirmed that The Walking Dead and its companion series Fear the Walking Dead have more than satisfied his desire to write about the undead.

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However, his new relationship with Amazon won't interfere with his work on those two AMC series, both of which he intends to see through to the end -- which may not come for quite some time. At The Walking Dead panel later that same day, Kirkman scoffed at the idea of his long-running comic, or either television show, ending anytime soon.

"I know what we’re building to," he said, "but I can barely see it from where we are now."

In addition Kirkman's tacit confirmation that we'll be getting at least 30 more seasons of both TV series, and seemingly infinite issues of the Image comic, Jeffrey Dean Morgan teased that fans will finally learn more about Negan's story before he encountered Rick Grimes & Co.

Here's Negan Comic

The timing is perfect: Image Comics just released a graphic novel called Here's Negan that details the post-apocalyptic tyrant's life from before the epidemic through his creation of the Saviors. It's a compendium of the four-page comics that have been running since 2016 in the Image+ magazine.

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However, Morgan was quick to point out that he has no idea whether his onscreen backstory will reflect what happened in the comic, and considering Kirkman's penchant for semi-faithfully adapting his own work, it's a safe bet there will be some deviation.

Finally, the cast was asked to name what they thought their character's biggest regrets were from Seasons 1 through 7, and the answers ranged from funny to heartbreaking. Melissa McBride said Carol wishes she would've been less snotty to Mrs. Neidermeyer about the pasta maker, which elicited some chuckles. Norman Reedus wryly pointed out that he probably shouldn't have bazooka-ed the bikers in Season 6, and producer Gale Ann Hurd pointed out murdering the sleeping saviors at the satellite station was also not the best call.

On a more serious note -- because this is The Walking Dead, and all humor comes at a price -- Lennie James revealed he thinks Morgan's biggest regret was not shooting his wife sooner, and that because he loved her too much, his son died

No, YOU'RE crying.

The Walking Dead returns Sunday, Sept. 22, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC.

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