<i>Walking Dead</i> to Introduce Another 'Major Character' From Comic

As anticipation ramps up for Sunday's midseason premiere of The Walking Dead, Entertainment Weekly has debuted three new images from the episode, titled "The Suicide King." The photos showcase Andrea restrained by a Woodbury mob, Rick poised to strike, and Merle Dixon hunting down zombies with his metal appendage.

EW also spoke with showrunner Glen Mazzara, who discussed what's in store for the remainder of Season 3, including the inevitable showdown between Rick's group and the Governor's community at Woodbury.

"One of the things I’m excited about is we’re on the path for this showdown, and the Governor and Rick have still not seen each other as we went through those first eight episodes," Mazzara said. "They know about each other and each one realizes that the other guy can threaten everything that he has spent the past year building. And the Governor is certainly a big threat to Rick and can destroy his entire group, and the Governor sees Rick as a threat that can destroy all of his plans by showing that he was not the most powerful force in this world — that he was unable to protect Woodbury. Rick and Michonne and the group came in and sucker-punched him. So both guys now have a vendetta against each other."

He also teased developments for fan-favorite characters Daryl Dixon and Michonne, stating that Daryl will "have to make choices after discovering … his brother is on the opposing side" and that viewers will have the opportunity to see "what's underneath [Michonne's] tough exterior."

Fans of the source material were excited to see Tyreese appear in the midseason finale, and Mazzara teased, "There’s still a major character to appear in the back half, which is very exciting." However, as evidenced by the deaths so far, the showrunner urged viewers not to get too comfortable.

"There will always be death in The Walking Dead," he said. "The Governor and Rick are gearing up for war, and without sounding silly, there will be blood."

The Walking Dead returns Sunday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC.

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