The Walking Dead: 7 Things From The Comics We Want To See On The Show (And 3 We Hope Never Happen)

The Walking Dead had followed the comics storyline right down to the smallest detail until a couple of years ago, before taking a hard turn the other way. At present, there are huge differences between the two versions. If Angela Kang and her team do intend to follow the comics, then there are still plenty of things that fans will love to be seen on the show.

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The bad news, though, might be if Angela decides to pick the stories that are bound to leave a sour feeling for viewers. We’re sure you want to know which plot arcs would be good for the show and which not as much, so you need to check out these 7 things we want to see play out, and 3 we hope never happen.

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10 Never: Maggie And Dante's Relationship

We’ll be seeing Dante show up in Season 10 of The Walking Dead, but it remains to be seen if Maggie will return on the show. In the comics, Dante’s whole characterization was based on Maggie, so it’ll be interesting to see what story he’ll have without her.

As it happened, Dante was brought in to be Maggie’s love interest, and he was the one with whom she started a romantic association to get over Glenn’s death. Since Maggie has been missing for so long on the show, we don’t want her to come back and jump in a relationship with Dante; he deserves a characterization of his own.

9 Want To See: Negan Kills Alpha


For those who aren’t aware of this, we just might be seeing Alpha’s end on the show soon enough. In the original story, Alpha didn’t last too long and was killed off at the hands of Negan. On the show, Alpha has been promoted heavily as the first true horror antagonist we’ve seen, making it a 50/50 chance if we’ll have this play out on our screens.

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We think it needs to be done, as Negan requires that one big moment for him to be fully redeemed in the eyes of the other characters. After taking Alpha’s life, the show will open up for newer stories and villains you didn’t see coming.

8 Want To See: The Commonwealth

The final storyline in the comics had to do with the Commonwealth, which was a society so huge it had more than 50,000 people residing in it upon first introduction. The finale saw the Commonwealth become the new government, making this a story that’s hard to see being avoided.

Fan theory has suggested Georgie’s group in Season 8 were meant to be the TV show’s version of the Commonwealth residents, but that’s purely assumption for now. Still, it would be cool to see The Walking Dead pull off presentation of a community so big in scale.

7 Want To See: Rosita's Death

Rosita has always been a very pointless character, both on the show and in the comics. She was killed off once the Saviors angle was done with, as Alpha murdered her and stuck her head on a pike; a shame the show didn't do the same as that meant someone more interesting and likable such as Tara had to die in her place.

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The TV series was clearly reluctant to have a pregnant woman be slaughtered, but now that her baby will be born in Season 10, the time is right to be done with Rosita. Her constant indecisiveness and playing around hasn’t done Rosita any favors, and killing her off would at least mean storylines would come out for Siddiq, Gabriel, and Eugene over how to raise Rosita’s baby.

6 Never: Negan Exits The Series

After Negan killed Alpha, he was able to gain Rick’s trust and follow through with his changed persona by being part of the victory against the Whisperers. Once this was done, Negan was written out altogether and his involvement in the main story was over.

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This is something The Walking Dead can’t afford in the TV show, as Negan is the star who pulls in viewers. Even during the not-so-good seventh and eighth seasons, it was only Negan whose scenes viewers didn’t want to skip. Should he exit the series, then you can be certain The Walking Dead’s ratings will plummet to unprecedented levels.

5 Want To See: Beta As The Main Villain

After Alpha was decapitated, the comics did a swerve by making Beta the main villain out of nowhere. It ended up making sense, though, as the gigantic Beta was more than a match for heavyweights like Rick and Negan.

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As the majority of the TV fans haven’t read the comics, it would be a big surprise for them to see the series shift gears from Alpha’s cold nature to Beta’s explosive mentality. This time around, with Negan on their side, the “War” angle might just come across as cool as the creators had wanted it to seem in Season 8.

4 Want To See: Adult Hershel

We’ve seen so many time skips by this point that the show might as well throw in a grand skip our way by giving us the future version of The Walking Dead. The comics had its last issue play out 25 years ahead, where we saw the adult Hershel.

He didn’t turn out to be sweet-natured as his father Glenn was, and the implication was that Hershel would be an antagonist. The TV series can do one better by having this time skip be implemented, and then play out a storyline where the adult Judith has to face off with adult Heshel’s antagonism.

3 Want To See: Walkers Unleashed


While Alpha’s technique had been to use fear as a weapon and keep the main characters at bay that way, Beta’s strategy involved killing everyone off by unleashing the massive horde of zombies the Whisperers had with them.

The show can easily fill out the entire second half of the season with action packed episodes where our heroes have to battle for their lives as the zombies tear through all the communities, while simultaneously fighting the Whisperer army. It could be the final hurrah for the zombies, who have been painfully underrepresented for years now.

2 Want To See: Walkers Kill Off A Major Character

Andrea Death Walking Dead

If Michonne is to follow Andrea’s fate from the comics (as she has been doing so far), then the writing is on the wall for her to die in Season 10 through a walker bite. In the comics, no one had died from walkers for years, and this had brought in complacency from the characters in this regard.

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This made it all the more shocking when the secondary main character Andrea got bitten by a walker and proceeded to die the same night. Michonne can take a similar hit on the show, and sign off by having a final heart-to-heart with Judith and perhaps name someone like Carol or Daryl as her guardian.

1 Never: Main Character's Death

The biggest twist ever in the comic chronology was the death of Rick Grimes, who was killed off in ugly fashion after being ambushed in bed. If The Walking Dead wants to come to a close onscreen, then chances are they might want to kill off the current protagonist Daryl to reflect the death Rick got.

However, this would be too much of a blow for the fans, who have already witnessed the deaths of major characters like Glenn, Carl, and the departure of Rick. Daryl needs to ride this story till the end of the line, and he deserves to have a happy farewell rather than being gunned down unceremoniously.

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