"Walking Dead" Showrunner Scott M. Gimple Promises More Backstory in Season 6

"The Walking Dead" showrunner Scott M. Gimple weighed in on the direction of season 6 in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, including the aftermath at Alexandria, Rick's impending confrontation with Morgan and never-before-seen backstory.

"I think there's a really cool aspect to the first half of the season that serves almost as a prequel to some direct comic stuff in the second half of the season," Gimple shared. "I think there's a way that Robert [Kirkman] did some of the story that we're reaching that had a real past to it, where people are referring to some things in the past in the comic. And we're able to portray some of that backstory in some ways that you didn't get to see in the comic."

Whether or not this new backstory will involve Rick, his past will certainly catch up with him, and Gimple teased that his reunion with Morgan may not go smoothly. "More importantly, right after he pulled the trigger, Morgan was there and they're face-to-face. What have we heard from Morgan? What have we seen from him? He said, 'All life is precious,' and the first thing he sees Rick do is shoot a man in the face. So right there, the facts point towards a bit of conflict there, a bit of an issue. And will the Alexandrians after that gunshot be completely down with what Rick was saying just a few moments before? Bit of a question mark there."

"As I was working on the finale, it was just very interesting to me that the stakes weren't that Rick was going to be kicked out, but oh, is Rick going to have to kill a lot of people? The onus was completely on him, but in the end he found a way, and providence found a way, that he could demonstrate to these people what they need to do and who he really is. And now that he's done that, he seems to be in a terrific position to bring these people around to his way of thinking, and have it not be based in antagonism. But I will say, the world often gets in the way of Rick's plans," he added.

Based on the Image Comics series by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard, "The Walking Dead" returns to AMC this October.

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