Walking Dead's [SPOILER] Actually Survived the Season 8 Finale


This week on the Season 8 finale of The Walking Dead, everyone freaked out for a few minutes when it looked like Rick killed Negan.


This would've marked one of the more major departures the show's made from its source material as Negan survives in the comics to be imprisoned in Alexandria. And compared to Carl's untimely death midway through what's been a problematic season, the idea that the show would kill off a character many viewers are growing tired of, Negan's death made some beautiful sense -- but not for long.

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After Rick slit Negan's throat echoing their confrontation in the comics, it seemed the Savior despot was doomed for sure. But then Rick had a change of heart and despite an impassioned plea from Maggie who finally reached the end of her emotional rope, Rick demanded Negan be saved and live as example of the new world Carl wanted.

At "Wrath"'s conclusion, Negan's resting comfortably nursing a very serious neck wound. Despite how unlikely it is that he wouldn't have bled out before he could've been saved, the character's survival will no doubt please Negan fans who want to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan stick around. For our part, we won't let him die until he at least gets lunch with Carol.

The Walking Dead concluded its eighth season tonight and Fear the Walking Dead returned for its fourth season; the sister series will continue to air Sunday nights on AMC.

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