<i>Walking Dead</i> Season 2 Planned, B&amp;W Season 1 DVD?

One of the most buzzed-about projects at this year's Comic-Con 2010 was AMC's adaptation of The Walking Dead. But was the reaction good enough to guarantee a second season and alternate DVD release already?

/Film notes two interesting things hidden away in recent Walking Dead stories: Firstly, a contest entry offers fans a cameo in the second season of the show, which is particularly interesting considering no such thing has been officially announced, and secondly, UGO's CCI coverage includes producer Gale Ann Hurd teasing possible black and white versions of episodes being included on the DVD release of the show.

As the site comments, neither of these are set in stone, yet - and shouldn't be considered so until official announcements are made - but it certainly sounds like the more we hear about the show, the better it seems to get.

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