Walking Dead: Sorry, Those (Probably) Weren't the Whisperers in the Finale

walking dead season 8 finale

The Season 8 finale of The Walking Dead gave fans much to discuss, but one popular theory has already been foiled. Well, kind of.

Some eagle-eyed viewers noticed something interesting among the horde of walkers that multiple characters pointed out in the episode: a series of poles very similar to what the Whisperers use to mark their territory in The Walking Dead comics series

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While it's certainly plausible the Whisperers, a notorious group of survivors that wears the skin of walkers to blend in, are among the horde we saw in the finale, it appears that wasn't the intention.

The Whisperers from The Walking Dead
The Whisperers from The Walking Dead

"There’s things that people are pointing out that I didn’t realize," showrunner Scott Gimple confessed to TVLine. "I’m like, 'Wow, maybe subliminally something was there!' So yeah, there may have been tiny little tips of the hat to the Whisperers but nothing too big."

So it seems that, although the Whisperers weren't somewhere in that herd, it's almost certain they're coming, somewhere down the pike.

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The Whisperers first appeared in The Walking Dead #130, and became a formidable foe for the protagonists, leading to an arc called "The Whisperer War."

The Walking Dead concluded its eighth season on Sunday, the same night that Fear the Walking Dead returned for its fourth season. Fear will continue to air Sunday nights on AMC, with The Walking Dead returning this fall.

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