Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman Addresses Concerns Over Repetitiveness

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The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has addressed claims his comic book series is one big repetitive story.

A letter from a disgruntled reader called "Danny the Mc" appeared at the back of Walking Dead #187. "There is only one plot in this book,” complained Danny the Mc. “Rick and Company meet another group of people, a fight ensues, Rick and Company win. That’s it.”

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Kirkman responded, "I've heard the 'Oh, man... TWD just recycles the same story over and over again,' complaint many times. And if you're not into the book anymore, that's fine, stop. I completely understand. Some people aren't up for the long haul ... But 'meeting new groups and getting into conflicts with them' is... every... continuing story. It's every TV show. New enemies, new antagonists, new conflicts... and each of those conflicts are different in some way... and result in characters learning new things and growing in new ways. The same way the conflict with The Governor and Woodbury is completely different than the conflict with Negan and the Saviors... in almost every single way. If you think those two huge storylines are the same, this book just isn't for you. And that's fine!"

When Danny the Mc pointed to Season 4 of AMC's series and a plotline that saw Lizzie killing Mika, Kirkman also reminded him that the same storyline took place in the comics — just in a different way.

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Whether The Walking Dead has peaked or not, there's no escaping the continuing popularity of the title on both page and screen. Despite Season 9 of the hit show experiencing a dip in ratings, The Walking Dead continues to be one of the most offerings on TV. AMC is even currently eyeing a series of Rick Grimes-led spinoff movies. Either way, Kirkman is far from finished and doesn't seem too phased by one fan's comments.

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