Walking Dead's Most Infamous Villain Celebrated in The Quotable Negan

Negan The Walking Dead

The most memorable one-liners of The Walking Dead's most infamous villain will be collected in The Quotable Negan, an upcoming book by series creator Robert Kirkman.

Set for release in July from Skybound Books, a co-publishing imprint of Atria Books, will compile Negan's best (or worst) quotes from the past six years of The Walking Dead -- the bat-wielding antagonist was introduced in 2012's Issue 100 -- as well from his origin story, Here's Negan! The 128-page hardcover will also include "fun facts" about the foul-mouthed leader of the Saviors, undoubtedly making it a must-have addition to any The Walking Dead fan's collection.


“Seeing all the vulgar and irreverent things that Negan says compiled into one book is simultaneously hilarious and disturbing," Kirkman, wrote the book's introduction, said in a statement. "But even with all the awful stuff he’s said and done, there are some unexpected nuggets of wisdom and humanity in there, making him a surprisingly complex character. My only hope is that fans have just as much fun reading him as I have writing him!”

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The Quotable Negan will be released July 3, meaning timing couldn't be better after AMC's hit television adaptation concludes its action-packed eighth season. The current run has focused on the "All Out War" storyline, which places Negan and his Saviors front and center. Watchmen star Jeffrey Dean Morgan famously plays Negan on the series, and has brought his comic book counterpart's mean streak to life since making his debut in the Season 6 finale.

AMC is set to end "All Out War" with Season 8, but the fate of Morgan's Negan appears up in the air, despite the character remaining as popular as ever in the comic from Image and Kirkman's Skybound. After his defeat at the hands of Rick Grimes and the other communities, Negan has mellowed in recent years to become an awkward ally of the main group. No one knows how the AMC drama plans to handle Negan for the rest of his time on screen, but it seems likely Season 8 won't be his last. However, if it is, at least audiences can pick up a copy of  Kirkman's book to find out a little more. So, reach for the barbed wire-wrapped baseball bats, because The Quotable Negan is available for preorder beginning today.

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