Walking Dead Promo Brings the Whisperers Too Close for Comfort

The Walking Dead Season 9 B Whisperers

This past November's midseason finale for Season 9 of The Walking Dead officially introduced the Whisperers to the popular television series, with the new faction of survivors attacking the inhabitants of Alexandria.

Ahead of its midseason premiere next month, AMC released a new promo video through IGN spotlighting the new threat. In the video, the Whisperer leaders Alpha (Samantha Morton) and Beta (Ryan Hurst) are seen stalking the series' characters, reminding their followers to remain quiet.

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Wearing the skins of the undead while staying silent, the hostile survivors are able to disguise themselves among hordes of zombies to better position themselves to attack others.

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In the midseason finale, a Whisperer hiding among a group of walkers was able to surprise and kill Jesus, marking the first major casualty in the coming Whisperer War. Based on the new teaser trailer, as the new threat brandishes knives against the hapless Hilltop and Alexandria communities, Jesus will not be the last character claimed by the sinister new group.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC. The series returns for the back half of Season 9 on February 10.

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