"Walking Dead" Pilot To Film In May

In Hollywood, nothing is official until the audience is sitting in front of the screen, but getting a TV pilot underway is possibly the biggest step towards getting story out there short of official release. And today, word came out that the cameras will roll on AMC's planned adaptation of "The Walking Dead" from Robert Kirkman and Image Comics.

Horror news source Bloody Disgusting is reporting that writer-director Frank Darabont's pilot for a proposed "Walking Dead" TV series will begin filming in May in Atlanta, Georgia. Focusing on the years-long survival story of southern sheriff Rick Grimes in the fact of a devastating zombie plague, the comic book was long-cited by fans as a prime example of a "would work better as a TV show than as a movie" wishlist item.

With only a few short months until filming begins, it only reasons that casting announcements for the potential series will spring up soon, something Kirkman himself professed excitement for in a September interview with CBR, saying, "I'm excited about the casting and I'm excited about being able to watch the show. I'm excited about everything, but it's kind of odd... my dad sent me an e-mail and he goes, "Congratulations about the TV show." I never thought I'd get that e-mail from my dad - it's kind of bizarre. It's kind of a whole surreal thing."

Look for more news on the "Walking Dead" pilot and possible fully-fledged series as it becomes available right here on CBR!

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