Morgan Isn't the Only Walking Dead Character Headed to Fear

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Tonight on The Walking Dead's Season 8 finale, audiences finally saw All Out War come to a twisty close. Eugene came out of nowhere to nab the MVP spot with his sabotaged bullets, and Rick and Negan finally worked out their differences! Emulating the comics, Rick slit Negan's throat only to turn Savior at the last minute and demand his once mortal enemy's life be spared.

The war's end has birthed what's hopefully a new era of peace for the disparate communities, but peace came too late for some. Despite the end of hostilities, Morgan's unable to reconcile the killer he's once more become, and after weeks of speculation, Lenny James and Morgan took their leave of Rick and The Walking Dead and headed west to new frontiers.

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But perhaps the biggest news out of the finale came from the Internet just after "Wrath" had aired. According to TWD's official social media, Morgan will not be the only original series cast member that will crossover to Fear.

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There's no word of course on what other character(s) are destined to jump from show to show, nor do we know whether or not the crossover will go in the same direction (Fear to TWD) or the opposite. But it's safe to say the conclusion of what turned out to be a very tedious war and Morgan's arrival in Fear territory will have TWD fans excited for Season 9 and might actually drum up new fans for FTWD Season 4.

Morgan's exit and subsequent appearance on Fear the Walking Dead also confirms a major fan theory that's been boiling since showrunners announced the two shows would crossover at New York Comic Con this past fall. Fear the Walking Dead will undergo a time jump that'll bring it up to speed with The Walking Dead, which has previously run a few years ahead of its prequel sister show. The announcement of further crossovers regardless of what they'll look like seems even more tantalizing now that we'll get to see at least some concurrent storylines on the two shows.

The Walking Dead concluded its eighth season tonight and Fear the Walking Dead returned for its fourth season; the sister series will continue to air Sunday nights on AMC.

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