The Walking Dead Finds Its Magna In The 100's Nadia Hilker

The Walking Dead has revealed their casting for the important new additions to the Alexandria group of survivors on the series, a group of characters led by Magna. These characters have proven to become vital members of The Walking Dead comic book series after they were introduced in the first issue of the series that followed the two year time jump after "All Out War."

The leader of the group, Magna, is played by former The 100 actress, Nadia Hilker.

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The other members of Magna's group are made up of Dan Foglar, current cast member of The Fantastic Beasts film series, as Luke, Lauren Ridloff, Tony-nominated star of Children of a Lesser God, as Connie, Angel Theory, noted choergrapher and dancer, as Connie's over-protective sister, Kelly (Kelly was a man in the comic book and was Connie's boyfriend) and Eleanor Matsuura, from Wonder Woman, as Yumiko.

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These new characters worked in the comics as initially point of view characters to learn how much things have changed in the various communities of the survivors in the two years since "All Out War" ended, but soon they became key parts of the comic book's cast, with Magna, as the leader of the group, playing the biggest role.

The Walking Dead returns for Season 9 this October 9th on AMC.

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