Walking Dead Producers 'Willing' to Explore Negan's Backstory

Though there are currently no plans to dedicate an episode to Negan's origin story, the producers of The Walking Dead are interested in delving deeper into the character's past, exploring what he was involved in before the events of the show.

In one of Skybound Entertainment's recent online letter column, Twitter user @yararostamii asked,"Will there be an episode just based on Negans past life before the zombie apocalypse?" Skybound's response was far from a sure thing, but should give fans of Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan some hope. "Although Negan dropped hints about his past to Father Gabriel and Jadis/Anne, we still haven't seen any actual scenes from his life prior to the apocalypse. So far, his backstory in the show seems to parallel the comics. Although we don't know of any plans to make an episode out of it, the producers have expressed a willingness to dig deeper into his past."

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Negan has finally stopped being an overt threat on the show's main cast after being defeated in the Season 8 finale. Instead of killing Negan, as is the usual course of action in the world of The Walking Dead, Rick chose to keep him alive as a prisoner in Alexandria. While the comic continued his and Carl's relationship during Negan's time as a prisoner, the series will have to take another approach since the latter was killed in the middle of last season, perhaps one that involves Negan reflecting on his past life, and presenting a fuller picture to audiences of who he was via flashbacks.

The Walking Dead returns for its ninth season this fall on AMC.

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