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“Walking Dead” EPs Weigh In On Controversial Season Six Finale

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“Walking Dead” EPs Weigh In On Controversial Season Six Finale

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the season six finale of “The Walking Dead.”

Last night’s season finale episode of “The Walking Dead” has gotten fans talking, as it ended on a massive cliffhanger with the newly-introduced Negan (Jeffrey Dead Morgan) swinging his barb-wire-covered bat at an offscreen victim. The episode didn’t reveal the identity of the victim, and that’s led to some outcry from “Walking Dead” fans.

Showrunner Scott M. Gimple, who co-wrote the season finale, spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about their decision to not show who Negan killed in last night’s episode. Gimple says they did anticipate some blowback from the decision.

“We’re trying to deliver them an experience,” said Gimple. “I suppose it’s good everything is met with skepticism and people are thinking critically and distrusting things put before them. I’d love a little more trust but it’s a good thing for society that people aren’t just trysting things coming across the TV set. It makes the challenge for us to win those angry people back with a great story – and that’s much harder – but that’s the business we’re in. We’re not trying to do the easy thing. … I do want to do right by this audience and I hope to win them back.”

Gimple also spoke about Negan’s victim, saying he’s know who they are for a while. “I know — and have for a while — what is in 701,” said Gimple of the forthcoming season seven premiere. “To show what happened in full force is the beginning of the next story.” He added that the show will “be pushing some boundaries” on AMC when it comes time to depict the gory death scene.

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In an interview with Deadline, executive producer Gale Anne Hurd revealed all she could reveal regarding the season finale. “Well, he kills somebody, that’s for sure,” said Hurd. “That’s all I can say.” She added that someone “assuredly” dies in that final scene, and that viewers will “absolutely” find out who it is in the season seven premiere.

Hurd addressed the notion that Glenn or Abraham are likely candidates for death considering what happened in the source material: “We love the comic book as much as the fans do, but at the same time, Robert Kirkman encourages us to defy expectations on ‘TWD’ the show,” said Hurd. “Now, sometimes we do and sometimes we don’t. But if I were in the fans’ position, I’d be speculating right along with everybody else. It is challenging not knowing.”

“Season 7 certainly is going to be all about the game-changer that Negan and what that means to the world of ‘The Walking Dead’ and all of the characters in it,” said Hurd. “He’s certainly the most formidable foe that Rick has ever encountered, not only in the comic books but now on the show. We certainly got a taste of that in the finale. I’m really looking forward to Season 7.”

Gimple also spoke about season seven, saying that “What’s coming up is going to change everything with the story… Whether [the finale victim] is a fairly new or a fairly OG character, there is a long-running plan to this show and someone will meet their end.”

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