Walking Dead: Morrissey Would Love to Return for a Governor Miniseries

The Governor The Walking Dead

Even though his character is pretty conclusively dead, The Walking Dead actor David Morrissey would love to see the Governor return in his own miniseries.

Alongside Negan and Alpha, the Governor is one of the biggest villains to grace Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard's comic book of the same name. And while Season 8 of the show just wrapped the "All Out War" saga with Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan, many longtime fans of the show maintain a soft spot for Morrissey's performance as the Governor.

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It may have been three years since The Walking Dead fans last saw Morrissey's one-eyed madman (in flashback form), but the 53-year-old recently shared his aspirations for a Governor spinoff.

"He was a character that I felt had great depth and complexity. Not just a cardboard baddy," the actor told The Guardian. "A lot of my inspiration for the role came from the books written by Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga. I think these books are fantastic and I think it would be wonderful to do a mini-series of them."

Given that Kirkman and Bonansinga wrote a trilogy of based on the Governor, there is more than enough source material for Morrissey to play the tyrannical leader of Woodbury all over again. That being said, the idea seems to be nothing more than the aspirations of Morrissey himself.

"I would love to play the role again, however there are no plans to do it. Not to my knowledge anyway," he lamented.

Morrissey's role as the main antagonist of Seasons 3 and 4 gave the Governor plenty to do, and a series charting the transformation of Philip Blake into an unhinged psychopath could be a worthy companion to the main show. However, as The Walking Dead moves past Negan and the Saviors to look for a new villain, the days of the Governor may just have to remain a distant memory.

The Walking Dead has concluded its eighth season and Fear the Walking Dead airs Sunday nights on AMC.

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