<i>Walking Dead</i> Cast Looks Ahead

Following last night's fiery, and blood, season finale of The Walking Dead that saw the survivors' flight from Hershel's farm, the introduction of Michonne and a glimpse at The Prison, AMC released a video featuring interviews with the cast and Co-Executive Producer Greg Nicotero looking at what's to come on the hit series.

"Next season we follow the arc of the graphic novel with a few departures," Nicotero promises. "The departures are significant and dramatic, and just continue to add spice to already-great material."

"The Prison's as heavy-handed a metaphor as we could possibly get away with," Sarah Wayne Callies says, "and yet there's something about it that's very simple and very beautiful. The second season has been rooted in this bucolic farm, and you have this incredible sky with the leaves, and you're now taking these people and you're stripping that away."

The Walking Dead returns in the fall with a 16-episode third season.

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