The Walking Dead: 10 Times Carol Was the Scariest Character

Once a meek and abused wife, Carol turned into the most relentless killer we’ve seen so far on the show and is still on this path in the most recent season. It’s not just her killing tendencies, though, as Carol also has the ability to switch into a person who would make you wish you were dead without laying a finger. Having said that, here are 10 times Carol scared us the most on The Walking Dead.

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10 Burning Sick People At The Prison

When the flu at the prison began becoming a red alert situation, Carol didn’t play around and killed off people, as she assumed would’ve spread the disease if they weren’t put down. The scary part comes in when you realize these people did have a chance to survive, and Carol just went ahead and brutally took their lives.

If that doesn’t scare you, then here’s the fact that Carol then took these bodies out and set them on fire in order to ensure the corpses had no chance of releasing the flu strain. Any normal person wouldn’t have gotten through with murder in the first place, but Carol added in an exclamation point to this act.

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9 Leaving Mary For To Be Eaten Alive

We’re all with Carol here as she took out the freaks at Terminus almost all by herself by launching an attack without anyone realizing what happened. She eventually did come across one of the bad guys in the building but was smart enough to disable this woman.

Thinking Carol would give her an easy death and shoot her, Mary showed no remorse for her actions of luring people to Terminus and eating them. However, Carol didn’t have any such intentions and opened the door containing walkers to let them feast on Mary in what was certain to be a bloody and painful death.

8 Killing The Wolves On Her Own

The Wolves seemed to be a bunch of hooligans who had no idea how to fight anyone who actually knew how to defend themselves, so it goes without saying that these guys were hilariously outmatched against Carol.

Making this such a big deal, though, is that Carol was all on her own when the Wolves attacked Alexandria and made use of many creative measures to attack them systematically and then finish off most of them on her own. The rest ran for their lives as they saw Carol wasn’t someone they wanted to pick a fight with.

7 Having No Fear Of Alpha

So far, there have been only two characters who haven’t shown any fear of Alpha: Negan and Carol. While Negan has still shown respect for Alpha and her ways, Carol has had only one goal and that is to cut off Alpha’s head and put it on a pike.

The moment we feared Carol more than Alpha would be when the former first laid eyes on her after returning to the community, where she gave Alpha a stone cold death stare. She would later attempt to kill Alpha when she met her at the border, convincing us that Carol could very well take on Alpha on her own.

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6 Torturing The Whisperer

In the most recent episode, Carol was shown with the Whisperer she’d captured. The other characters wanted to show him mercy, but Carol had bad ideas creeping in her mind from the start as she feigned a forgiving demeanor by feeding the man.

When the Whisperer’s twisted mentality shined through, Carol dropped all pretense and took to torturing him. Unlike Daryl, who was merely feigning, Carol was prepared to reduce the man to a bloody mess and had begun proceedings too by inflicting a painful riposte.

5 The Way She Scared Sam

We’ve agreed before over how scaring a child really wasn’t cool on Carol’s part, and even she has been shown to regret her actions as Carol still remembers Sam to this day as one of the children that were close to her.

As it happened, Carol wasn’t fond of the inquisitive Sam following her around and asking needless questions, so she decided to scare the boy beyond his wits by telling him of the harsh realities of the real world and how being devoured by the zombies was a horrifying way to diecomplete—with excruciating detail. The way she said this even made the viewer become scared of both the zombies and Carol herself.

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4 Burning The Saviors Alive

The group were hired to kill the Saviors in exchange for supplies from the Hilltop and headed out to purge the outpost a selected members of the Saviors were stationed at. Here, Maggie and Carol were separated from others but managed to finish off anyone who opposed them, which included luring two Saviors to their doom.

Once they entered the room Carol wanted them to, she tossed off a cigarette on the ground where she’d spilled gasoline, that lit up and torched the Saviors to their agonizing demise as their screams were heard. Even Carol was shaken up by what she’d done.

3 Burning The Saviors Alive Again

Carol seems to be something of an arsonist, doesn’t she? On this occasion, though, she didn’t have the regret she carried on the previous instances and planned out her kill. Tracking down the Saviors who had earlier intimidated her son, Carol waited until these people had become aware of her presence.

Once that realization set in, she emulated what she’d done in the previous point and set the Saviors on fire to not only ensure they didn’t harm Henry, but also because she saw it as a way to tie up all loose ends. For Carol, revenge is a dish best served on a roaring fire.

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2 Killing When She Didn't Want To Kill

It doesn’t matter if she’s in the mood to kill it or not, because it seems Carol always comes out on top in a do-or-die situation. By the end of Season 6, she’d had enough of killing and attempted to run away from all the violence, only to be confronted by a gang of Saviors.

For some reason, the sight of Carol having a meltdown before she went ahead and shot every man like they were nothing served to make her scarier than when she’d killed consciously. It was like the word “Kill” had now become synonymous with her name.

1 Every Time She Puts On The Front Of A Kind Woman

We prefer the killer version of Carol any day over the one who pretends to be sweet and caring but has an agenda hidden. That’s because you don’t know what’s cooking in the mind of this woman who can easily end anyone before they knew what was happening, yet was being so nice that there had to be something awful she had in store.

We saw proof of this in the most recent episode where Carol put on a kindly facade as she treated the Whisperer with respect and care, before turning to violent means to extract information out of him. The best advice one can give characters in The Walking Dead universe is to run fast and run far the moment Carol becomes too good to be true.

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