'Walking Dead' artist Charlie Adlard draws 'Charlie Hebdo' tribute

The Hollywood Reporter has debuted a tribute to the victims of the Charlie Hebdo shootings created by The Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard.

The illustration, which appears in the Jan. 23 issue of the Hollywood trade, depicts Rick Grimes holding up a pencil in his remaining (if bloody) hand to salute the dead. Adlard and the Walking Dead website unveiled a different version of the same image.

The Hollywood Reporter also showcases tributes from The LEGO Movie co-directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, and the team behind Fox's Family Guy.

Twelve people, including five cartoonists, were murdered Jan. 7 when two masked jihadists opened fire in the Paris offices of the French satire magazine. The shooters, identified as brothers Chérif and Saïd Kouachi, were later killed in a standoff with French special forces.

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