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The Walking Dead Takes Another Step Toward War

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The Walking Dead Takes Another Step Toward War

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for “Bury Me Here,” tonight’s episode of AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” which as of publication hasn’t yet aired on the West Coast, as well as the Image Comics series.

Simply put, a lot goes down in tonight’s episode of “The Walking Dead,” most of it involving Morgan and Richard. The latter has been wanting to ignite a war with The Saviors for quite a while now, and during a routine tribute, he finally makes some moves. His scheme is a bit complex, so we’ll do our best to describe it.

On the way to meet The Saviors, Richard blocks The Kingdom’s delivery truck with a row of shopping carts, ensuring that he, Ezekiel, and the others will be late. Once the exchange of goods happens, The Kingdom has mysteriously come up short on a cluster of melons from their garden. At this point, no one knows who the culprit is, but that doesn’t keep hot-headed Jared (Joshua Mikel) from taking steps to punish The Kingdom — both for their tardiness and their short supply. First, he aims his gun at Richard, who closes his eyes in acceptance of his fate. But at the last moment, Jared turns his pistol on teenage Benjamin (Logan Miller). He fires off a couple shots, fatally wounding the boy.

Later on, Richard confesses to Morgan that he had purposely botched the drop-off so that Jared would kill him, not Benjamin. His hope was that the death of one of the members of The Kingdom would anger Ezekiel enough to go to war with The Saviors. In a way, he ends up getting his wish, although not in the way he intended.

The next time The Kingdom meets up with The Saviors, Morgan — overcome by rage at what Richard has done — breaks his no-kill rule and strangles Richard to death in front of everyone before explaining the deceased’s masterplan. But there seems to be something else going on with Morgan’s actions — something that doesn’t come from a pure thirst for vengeance. After he kills Richard, he echoes some of the dead man’s words. He explains to The Saviors that Richard’s murder was to show them that The Kingdom “understands” their subservient relationship. They “understand” what must be done from here on out. It would seem that, yes, Morgan snapped because of Benjamin’s death, but killing Richard may also have been strategic on his end. Perhaps he wants to trick The Saviors that everything is fine, so they’ll be that more surprised by an attack later on. We’ll see. Either way, R.I.P., Richard. You were kind of a jerk, but your heart was in the right place. More on this and more in tonight’s full recap and review.

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