10 Facts About Wakanda The MCU Has Not Yet Revealed

From a brief Iron Man 2 easter egg back in 2010 to a full-blown live-action painting of arguably the most famous fictional country in comic books. When Black Panther arrived, the world finally had the chance to feast their eyes on the technologically advanced, tribal setting that is Wakanda. Not only is it one of the MCU’s most stunningly beautiful settings, but the African country is also a crucial part of the story.

We know it is where Vibranium comes from, the material behind Captain America’s shield and Vision’s body. We have also seen firsthand, the unimaginable kind of tech that Wakanda possesses. But one and a half movies are not nearly enough to expand on the hidden country’s rich history. Here are the facts about Wakanda that the MCU has not yet revealed.

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10 Vibranium's worth

The two indestructible metals from the Marvel Universe are Adamantium and Vibranium. One makes up Wolverine’s body. The latter comes from Wakanda. In the MCU, Wakanda has only very recently opened up their borders to the rest of the world. As a result, there hasn't been nearly enough time for Vibranium to even begin to become available to the general public. Despite, their secluded history, Vibranium trading has taken place in the past.

In Captain America: The First Avenger, Howard Stark tells Steve that his shield is all the Vibranium they have access, making it the rarest metal on Earth. How much did Stark Sr. have to spend to get his hands on it, though? In the comics, Wakanda is more easily accessible than in the MCU. For that reason, it actually has a fixed price for whoever seeks to buy it. $10,000 per Vibraium gram, to be exact.

9 T'ChallaCare

Fact: Nobody gets sick in Wakanda. Healthcare may be one of the world's most problematic issues, but this is one African country that definitely does not suffer in the slightest with it. On a scale of "lack of basic resources" to "discovering the cure for cancer", Wakanda is at the top...literally. The Wakandan scientists have indeed developed a cure for cancer.

However, they decided not to share their revelation with the rest of the world. But that’s not all. Because of the sheer amount of resources at their disposable, every single citizen is given equal access to health care services, and the nation has one of the world's highest life expectancy rates.

8 Anti-Galactus Plan

Black Panther Vol 3 #14 gave readers an insight into maybe Wakanda's most ridiculously incredible initiative. Galactus is one of Marvel's most powerful villains. Nicknamed the "Devourer of Worlds", he literally eats entire planets. Yet somehow, a small African country in the humble planet of Earth has a contingency plan against this immense galactic threat. While in Wakanda, Everett Ross just happens to find a book titled: Galactus - Contingency Plans and Procedures in a drawer.

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It includes sentences like: "form a single line and exit the planet in an orderly fashion". While there is no planet-eating maniac in the MCU (yet), Thanos' attack on Wakanda gives T'Challa sufficient reason to develop a similar comic-like plan to prevent any other intergalactic assaults.

7 Technological Marvel


Wakanda is an advanced country in every way. An impossibly advanced country. With limitless access to Vibranium, T'Challa's kingdom was able to develop an entirely independent, superior form of technology. Their computer technology is something the world has never seen, and it wouldn't be a stretch to call it "unhackable". However, they did not remain ignorant of the world's existing technology, allowing them to learn how to easily hack into other foreign networks.

But that’s only a small part of their expansive technological evolution. The comics reveal that this supposedly third-world nation was actually the first to split the atom, nearly a century before the rest of the world. In addition to that, Wakanda was launching surveillance satellites into space at a time when both Americans and Soviets were only in the very beginning of the space program.

6 The Originators

Black Panther begins with a short origin story of how Wakanda came to be the futuristic, hidden nation that it was. It explains how "millions of years ago, a meteorite made of Vibranium struck the continent of Africa". However, the comic books indicate there may be still some pre-space-metal history to be explored. According to them, this land was first home to the Originators, a species of mythical beasts. A group of humans then stumbled upon these creatures and ended up living peacefully with them for a while.

Unfortunately, resources were scarce. There were too many mouths, and not enough to go around so Thanos snapped his conflict broke out between both races. However, the Gods of Wakanda (who, except for Bast, confusingly have no relation to the aforementioned animal gods) rose and helped the humans banish the beasts. They made this land their home, and their descendants remain there to this very day.

5 Educated Nation

Many people around the world would dream of having the kind of education that Wakandans have access to. First and foremost, the teaching quality in Wakanda is exceptional and the country has one of the highest literacy rates on the planet. What really stands out though is the fact that the entire school program, from primary to secondary, is 100% free. In addition to that, after students leave school, they have the choice of choosing any future career.

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The choice really is the only hard part, because later they can stroll into any one of the dozens of great-quality free universities to prepare themselves for the future. The only downside to all this is that, due to how isolated Wakanda is, it is forbidden to attend any educational program outside the country. Then again, with what they have at their disposal, this is rarely a problem.

4 Kimoyo Beads

The MCU has already introduced us to the Kimoyo Beads, an advanced form of communication used between the residents of Wakanda. However, the comics tell us that each bead has its own function. Holographic telecommunication is just one of many. The Prime Bead is given to each citizen from the moment of birth to the time of death, and they hold a person's entire medical knowledge. Another bead gives Wakandans access to country' database (basically Wakanda's Internet).

Even the aforementioned Communication Bead allows for more than just video calling, as even text messages can be sent if the user moves his hand in the form of sign language. The comics don't provide as many details on the remaining beads, but it is known that they are used for Apple Watch-like activities like GPS tracking, home security, etc.

3 Religion

Wakandan religion is very closely tied to Ancient Egypt. Black Panther mainly focused on the Panther goddess, Bast. M’Baku did include a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it reference to Hanuman, which raises some interesting questions. Why does a non-Hindu, extremely isolationist country worship a Hindu god? Ignoring that fact, there is a multitude of Egyptian gods that exist, besides Bast, and they may be featured in the future of the MCU. If the comics are anything to go by, that is.

In this medium, Wakanda has four distinct cults. Panther, White Gorilla, Lion, and Crocodile. Each one worships its respective Egyptian god. And much like the Asgardian gods, these mythical beings are actual non-mythical creatures in the Marvel Universe. Sekhmet, the Lion goddess, even went as far as waltzing into the Avengers Mansion to threaten our heroes and blackmail T’Challa into giving her information on the Panther god.

2 Groups and Societies

The 18th MCU movie introduced many characters that instantly became fan-favorites. One of these was Okoye, leader of the Dora Milaje, the king’s bodyguards. Another was Nakia, who gave us a sneak-peek of Wakanda’s global spy network, the War Dogs. With that said, there are bound to be more groups and societies in the most advanced country in the world. In the future of the MCU, we may be introduced to P.R.I.D.E (Princess Regent Intelligence Division Executives) or the Hatut Zeraze.

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Another is the Desturi. A collection of xenophobic, ultra-conservative people, who disagreed entirely with the decision to open up the country's borders. With the ending of Black Panther, this is a giant possibility.

1 Atlantis vs Wakanda

As we said at the very beginning, T'Challa's kingdom was referenced in Iron Man 2. A S.H.I.E.L.D map had various locations marked on it. One was in Africa, but there was another in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. This referenced a future appearance by Namor, the Sub-Mariner, ruler of Atlantis. Wakanda and Atlantis have one of Marvel's most long-lasting rivalries. Namor and T'Challa have been mortal enemies ever since they first met.

It reached a boiling point when Wakanda literally left Atlantis in ruins. As revenge, when Thanos came to Earth looking for the Infinity Gems, Namor told him of one hiding in Wakanda, simply to get the Mad Titan to wipe out the African nation. It's only a matter of time before the Atlantean makes his way on to the big screen. Many people have theorized that Black Panther 2 will feature Namor as the villain, and with so much comic book history between them, it looks like an obvious choice.

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