Wait out the apocalypse in zombie-proof log cabin

If we've learned anything from The Walking Dead, it's that during a zombie apocalypse, no nowhere -- and no one -- is safe. Not a gated community, a secluded farm, a prison, a fortified town or an abandoned factory. But what about a Zombie Fortification Cabin?

CNET spotted what Tiger Log Cabins touts as "the world’s first zombie proof log cabin," designed to withstand any attack from the undead.

"Not only is the building strong and secure enough to stop any zombie from getting inside," the description states, "but even zombie invaders were to breach the boundaries of your land, the design is intelligent enough to give you fantastic and safe vantage points to use any artillery you have whether it’s light or dark outside."

In fact, Tiger Log Cabins is so confident the ZFC-1 can stand up to the undead hordes that it offers a 10-year anti-zombie guarantee -- while noting that "we require medical evidence of the presence of a real zombie" should you wish to file a claim.

Zombie-proof or not, the cabin does offer plenty of creature comforts, including a bedroom, a living room with television, Xbox and turntables, a kitchen area with microwave, a toilet system, arsenal storage, a garden section, and even a gym. And it could be yours for $113,000 (water cannon, security cameras, solar panels and riot gear are extra).

A little pricy, sure, but it beats having to clear zombies out of an old prison, or getting cozy with an unstable dictator with a troubling hobby.

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