Wait a minute: 'Marvel <i>Publishing</i> Presents'?

Thursday's preview of the first issue of Siege, the centerpiece of Marvel's latest crossover, has spurred plenty of online discussion about the event's nature and scope.

But what caught my eye was the motion picture-style credits, led by the words "Marvel Publishing Presents." Not "Marvel Presents," "Marvel Comics Presents," or the traditional "Stan Lee Presents," but Marvel Publishing Presents.

Perhaps the phrasing was chosen to add a little gravity to those credits, which are presented like something we'd see on a movie poster. (Still, "Publishing"?) Or maybe it was just a whim.

Sure, it appears to be a relatively minor matter of three words -- okay, two: Marvel Publishing. However, they appear in connection to Siege #1, which will be among the first comics released after the announced date for Marvel's merger with The Walt Disney Co.

So, are they simply two inconsequential words, or do they signal something more, such as a change in name or structure or a broadening of focus, post-merger?

A Marvel spokesman had no comment.

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