Waid says 'no thanks' to Harvey's

[Mark Waid]Last week the nominations for the 2002 Harvey Awards were announced. The normally indie-centric Harvey's contained a few surprises as they were heavily dominated by nominations for product from CrossGen Comics. Immediately pundits on Message Boards around the Internet began to dissect the news offering a variety of opinions on why the dramatic shift in focus.

Today more controversy erupted around the awards when Best Writer nominee Mark Waid issued a statement to the press in which he asked that his name be formally removed for consideration from the 2002 Harvey Awards Best Writer category.

"This absolutely should not be perceived as any lack of pride in the work itself," said Waid in the release earlier today. "I'm grateful to have been nominated for my work on CrossGen's 'Ruse,' I heartily endorse its other nominations, and I'm proud and lucky to be working with its extraordinarily creative team. However, for reasons of my own, I am respectfully requesting that my name be removed from consideration for 'Best Writer.'"

No further comment was given by Waid and he indicated none would, so it'll be left up to fans on message boards to come up with their own theories.

Late Monday afternoon CrossGen responded to CBR's request for a comment. The following is the full text of their response:

As we have been getting a lot of questions from fans and comics journalists about Mark Waid's recent statement regarding his request to withdraw his name from Harvey Award contention, we thought it would be a good idea to answer a couple of questions that we've been getting about it.

First, as a company, we support and commend his decision, as it isreflective of his desire to share credit for Ruse as a team. But rather than release a company statement, we felt the most appropriate response would come from his team.

"As the rest of his creative team on Ruse, we appreciate and applaud Mark's gesture toward the acknowledgement of our involvement in the creative process and plot development," said Butch Guice, penciler of Ruse, in speaking for the rest of the team. "We will always be in favor of one of our own standing up and taking a bow for a job well done, but we respect Mark's decision and thank him for his noble intent, and we stand by him as one of the team."

And the story continues. Late Monday evening Waid released yet another response, this time to CrossGen's comments above.

"While I very much appreciate my friend Butch's sentiments -- and he knows from speaking to me since that what he says goes double for me -- there seems to have been some miscommunication," said Waid. "When I discussed my motives for this decision directly with CrossGen, I told them the same thing I told everyone else: 'I withdrew my nomination for personal reasons.' Since then, there seems to have been some subsequent ... overinterpretation of my motives by CrossGen Central. While I'm honored to be nominated, my reasons for declining remain my own and go deeper than as speculated here. I refer those as confused as I am to my original statement and ask simply that they read it again. Thanks for respecting my desire for privacy, let's let this rest -- oh, and GO 'RUSE!'"

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